Vagobond Travel Museum – My First Month in Spain

flying into Barcelona from NYCWhen I left the United States, I had found a cheap round trip flight from New York City to Barcelona, Spain.  What I had thought was going to be an extended trip through all the countries of Europe, into Turkey, and across Asia actually became abbreviated into a trip that explored the Spanish Mediterranean from Barcelona to Tarifa and thence into Morocco where I met the woman of my dreams and began to pursue a different goal. My intention had also been to use Couchsurfing all the way through Europe, but what I found in Barcelona (and previously on my Amtrak trip across the USA) was that lining up CS hosts takes time and often, as a couchsurfer, you won’t have internet access, won’t have free time, or simply won’t be able to find a couch that is available. Still, my time in Spain and Gibraltar was memorable and filled with wonders as you can see in the posts below which cover that period from when I entered Spain until I got on the ferry to Morocco.

Arriving in Barcelona

Barcelona – City of Art

What Kind of Traveler am I?

Celebrating Barcelona

Casa Batlla and a Spanish Shoe Shine

Couchsurfing Hosts in Barcelona

Feasting and Amusements in Barcelona

Video of Calcoltadda

Thoughts in Valencia – City of Oranges

Exploring Valencia

Wonderful Alicante

Falling in Love With Granada

Documentary About Morocco and Spain (Grenada)

Gypsies in Granada

La Linea


Tarifa, the Ferry, and to Morocco

A Short Video About My Time in Spain

Coucsurfing Hosts in Spain

The Girls in Grenada

My hosts in Barcelona

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