my personal hotel recommendationsI haven’t been to every hotel in the world. I haven’t even been to every country in the world, but these are my favorite hotels in the world. It is based solely on where I have been and stayed…If you’d like me to add your hotel, the first step is to invite me to stay with you.

To find your own favorite hotels around the world, I recommend you search on the Vagobond Hotel Finder. I highly and personally recommend the following as my favorite hotels in the world.

My Favorite Hotels in the World


Paris – I’m not telling my secret hotel in Montmarte but you can’t go wrong with Mama Shelter -Paris

Mama Shelter – Marseille – An oasis of sensual delight.

Hi Park – Marseille – Family friendly, comfortable, and affordable apartments for when you need a home away from home.


South Place Hotel – I’m in love with the spy palace of London town

Georgian House Hotel – Haunted and budget friendly while being comfortable, central, friendly and having home cooked breakfasts that still make my mouth water.


Ayasofya Hotel – Gaye Reeves is what makes this hotel perfect but the location, comfort, staff, and breakfast also contribute to making this Istanbul guesthouse/hotel my home away from home.

Taskonaklar – Want to feel like a King or Queen? Go here.

Tuvana Hotel – Exudes luxury without being overbearing or pretentious. I can’t imagine staying anywhere else in Antalya.

Antique Theatre – Past the glory but as you sit in the infinity pool looking at Bodrum Castle below…you’ll see why I love it here.

Erten Konak – Outrageously over the top Ottoman but the real treat is the glassed over cistern the hotel sits on top of in Istanbul

Ege Palas – From the top floors, it brings incredible comfort to sip my whiskey and stare out at the lights of the ferries as they cross the Bay of Izmir.

Su Otel – Another Bodrum surprise – artsy, quiet, and fun.

Kadir’s Treehouse – Not luxury but so so so much fun in Olympos to stay in a treehouse.

Bayram’s Bungalows – slightly closer to the ruins and the beach than Kadir’s and a step closer to comfortable. Also a very fun and friendly place.


The Excelsior – Pampering has been perfected in this Thessaloniki masterpiece.

The Kyma Hotel – Something about the art deco and run down nature of this place sings to me as I sit on the patio watching the Aegean churn.

Hotel Argo – Not perfect but central and affordable place in downtown Volos.


Cafe Tissardmine’s Luxury Berber Tents – There really isn’t much better than sleeping in a luxury tent in the Sahara.

Dar el Menia – My friend Graham has restored this litte Dar into a great place to soak in the mystery of Morocco.

Dar Zerhoune – Rose’s little house is a perfect place to explore Moulay Idris or Volubulis from.

Dar Finn – Paul and Becky have created a wonderful little haven of serenity in the heart of the Fez Medina.


Hotel Paradise – I just LOVE this hotel. It’s fun, quirky, and comfortable plus offers one of the better breakfasts to be found in Italy.

Rome – Hotels in Rome change so often, it’s hard to keep track of them, but this list should help you find the right one.


St. Patrick’s Hotel on Gozo – Right on the water, affordable, comfortable, and right in the center of things without being in a busy place. Almost paradise.


The Invitation Hotel in Cairo is a 10 minute walk from Egyptian Museum. A nice mixture of guesthouse, hostel, and hotel it offered affordable rooms that were clean, comfortable, and offered an amazing view of Cairo. Not a fancy place by any means, but one that I will gladly go back to again.


The Dharmawagnsa Hotel in Jakarta has great ambiance and a personality not normally found in a five star hotel. You can’t go wrong with this one.


Lotus Hotel in Kuala Lumpur’s Little India


The 1929 Hotel  in the heart of Chinatown at first looks like a classic Victorian style hotel, which I like – but when you enter, you will find something ultra modern about 1929.

Wanderlust is  a hipster concept hotel and it is a place for 29-50 year old people who have an impulse to travel far away and explore luxury and art. I loved it.

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