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To be honest, my first taste of European wandering had really whet my appetite.  Don’t get me wrong, I was in love with my betrothed (whom I’d met in Morocco shortly after beginning my journey) and when I was offered a job as a kayak guide in Alaska, I opted to take it for a couple reasons – first of all, I had to go to the USA to get the paperwork I would need for marriage, second – I really needed to consider whether it was the right move to marry and I needed space to do that, and third – I saw it as a chance to wander around Europe a bit more without telling my fiance something like ‘Hey, I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you…but not until I’ve had the chance to wander around Europe a bit more,” which, I already knew she wouldn’t take well.  The irony of the fact that I had used a bogus kayak job to escape from an ill-conceived plan of marriage in the Philippines back in 2003 wasn’t lost on me. I wondered if I was doing the same thing or having the universe play a prank on me.

In fact, it was a bit of a dirty trick the universe played because just after I’d spent nearly all of my money to purchase the tickets to get me to North America and back – my friend contacted me and told me they’d hired someone else. I considered my options, kept that news to myself, and set out on the Fools journey. It seemed like the best option since I wasn’t sure that my fiance would understand going without a job waiting.

In any event, I left Morocco again,  flew intoMadrid before heading to Frankfurt, Germany then to Dublin. From Dublin, I flew to Canada where I hitched across the country with about $2, found work in the USA, flew back to Dublin, then went to Belgium and from there back to Morocco.  I really was trying to do things in an economic way, but I managed to squeeze in a bit of travel. These are the European stops I wrote about.

During this time, I was also delving into Tarot Philosophy and so I include the posts I wrote about that here as well…as you’ll see, by the time I got back to Morocco, I was exhausted, sick, and ready to move into a different kind of life.

The Fools Journey

Fool Encounters Magician

Madrid – The Worst Couchsurfing Experience in the World

Frankfurt – Arrival at a Spaceport

Frankfurt – From Goethe’s Tower to the Beer Bike

Dublin for $82 – Lesbians, Guinness, and Vikings plus Gary Coleman

Breakfast in Quebec, Lunch in New Jersey, Dinner on a plane, Breakfast in Ireland

Wicklow and Glendalough – Old English Ladies, the Loch Ness Monster, and St. Kevin

Howth, Seals, Kelpies, a bowl of Chowder, and a 2500 year old Princess

Cement Yourself Into Brussels and Other Belgian Oddities

A Camera Whodunit. The Green Mohawk or the Old Man?

Laundry in Ghent – Plus Torture and the Best Wallpaper in the World

Coffee in Luxembourg – Overcoming Travel Ennui

Charleroi – I am the Vector for Swine Flu

Quick Update From Morocco with Love

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