Vagobond Travel Museum – Hitching Across Canada

One of the more fun and adventurous things I’ve ever done was hitching my way across Canada with just a couple of bucks.  It was never something I intended to do, but circumstances sometimes lead to unexpected adventures.

I had left Hawaii, traveled across the USA by Amtrek, explored the Mediterranean coast of Spain, wandered into Morocco, fallen in love, tried to escape by running to Europe, gone back to Morocco, and decided to take a job in North America to help pay for the wedding, but not until I’d done a bit more European wandering.

When I got to North America though, the job I’d come for was already gone. My funds had been pretty much exhausted just getting to Canada and it seemed that my best option was to get back to the West Coast of the USA where I knew people, had family, and might even be able to find some work.

So, that’s how I ended up hitching from Eastern Canada to Western Canada.  I did end up going to the USA again and managed to make enough money to get back to Canada and then back to Europe, and back to my bride in Morocco.

This Vagobond Travel Museum is just going to cover the Canada portion of all that – arriving, exploring, heading west and then coming back east to leave again.

I hope you enjoy this particular trip as much as I did.

Arriving in Canada – Traveler Nightmare – Stranded in Canada with $4 bucks

Quebec City –  Flowers, Parks, Culture, and Awesomeness

Poutine – Quebec’s Lovely Bit of Delicious Mess

Across Canada – Hitching is Exhausting. An Update.

Across the Prairie -Black Flies, Freezing Weather, and Near Death Experience

Sudbury – Giant Nickels, Hard Rock Miners, Hard Luck Cases, and UFO Abductees

Across Canada Hitching Ontario – Moose, Bear, Coyotes, Fox – but Not Many Rides

PhotoEssay: The Gorgeous Canadian Rocky Mountains

Success Across Canada -Hitching and Philosophizing Across Canada – I Did It!

Violated by Canadian Customs – The worst way to enter Canada

Yarmouth – Pickled Aliens, Pinwheels, and Mayor Cake in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

In Acadia – Incredible Nova Scotia – Frappe Pie, Acadians, the Bay of Fundy Digby and Brier Island

The Road to Halifax – Hitching, Lying, and Chili

Halifax – Ugly Germans, Ape Heads, and 2 Colored Guys in the Beautiful Home port of the Titanic

From Halifax to Quebec City on Via Canada Rail

Quebec City Revisited – Brass Titties, Couchsurfing, and International Scrabble

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