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This week, there is just one story that I want to share. I feel like it might be one of the most important stories to come out in travel in a long while.

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing the world, of exploring the wonders of the world from the ground, but maybe you weren’t able to do so… well, now you can.

World Wonders, a new project from the Google Cultural Institute, lets you take a virtual journey to more than 130 world heritage sites across the globe—like Stonehenge, the Palace and Garden of Versailles, temples of ancient Kyoto or The White City of Tel-Aviv. You can explore each site using Street View, and watch related videos or browse photos and 3D models for more information. 

Start exploring the World Wonders Project now:

Of course, if you want to taste, smell, touch or truly experience the wonders of the world – you still have to go there to do it, but perhaps the interesting ‘google glass’ project will even find a way to cross those barriers.

I’ve expressed this before – I don’t think that travel is for everyone. I think for a lot of people, spending a few hours exploring Machhu Pichu using something like this would bring them as much or more satisfaction than actually going there.

Don’t get me wrong. I would never want to give up travel completely and I know there are plenty of people who, like me, have a nomadic streak built in, but in more than twenty years of travel, I’ve met enough people who were on the road and miserable, that I love that something like this has come along and given them a safe, at their leisure alternative.

Enjoy and if you discover any wonders that you find wonderful, please come share them on Google+ with #worldwonders

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