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My moroccan familyI’ve written it before. I never intended to stay in Morocco longer than a week or two – maybe a month at best. And yet – here I am. Three years with my wife, a sweet little half-Moroccan daughter and sometimes it feels like I’ll never be able to get out of this country…

But, how did I get here?  I left Hawaii and traveled across the USA by train before going to Spain on what I thought was going to be a trip around the world (I still haven’t made it all the way around unless you count that trip in 2001 that took me from Thailand to Canada)

People kept telling me I had to go to Morocco…and here I am.

Arriving in Morocco

Arriving in Fes

Initial Impressions of Fes (Fez)

Coming to Sefrou

Introducing The Souidis

The Hammam

Falling in Love

The Secret Language of Love

 I try to leave her – Part 1

I find myself missing her more than I thought I would

I return to her and we get engaged

On Falling in Love in Morocco

International Marriage Sucks

My Fiance Begins to Teach Me About Morocco

Killing a Sheep in Morocco

I learn that Morocco is Boring

My Shoes and the Cobbler of Sefrou

I amuse myself with my shoes

Our first Trip together

I learn about Moroccan Transport

A Trip to Fez with my fiance

I realize how weird I really am

I decide to farm rabbits

A longer trip – but not such a great one

And I left again …but again I returned to her.

Coming back to Morocco – Again

Hiking Around Sefrou

And I left again…

Back to Sefrou, Again

Then her sister got engages to a foreigner too, we’re like a virus

I try to settle in and have a life in Morocco

Things seem to be getting better in Morocco for me

I start having more doubts

and more doubts…

I try to make Sefrou my home by learning about it

My favorite holiday doesn’t exist here

It starts to get cold in Sefrou

I’m part of the Souidi Family

More sheep have to die

Morocco’s Favorite Holiday

I try to find my place in Morocco

I become crafty in Morocco

Looking for things to read in Sefrou

Television in Sefrou and Fez

My first Expat Party in Fez

New Years in Morocco

I watch Casablanca Again with different eyes

The cards the kids play with are tarot in Morocco

Visiting Moulay Idris with my fiance

A Vagabond Valentines part 1

A Vagabond Valentines part 2

A Vagabond Valentines part 3

Hosting Couchchsurfers in Morocco – Bruce Lee

Learning Moroccan Jokes

My plastic Moroccan rug

Marriage in Morocco is a nightmare

Hey! We’re finally Married!

Married Life in Sefrou

I hate Moroccan Weddings

Awful Moroccan Wedding Customs

Moving with my wife to Fez – The Vagobonds

A trip to Tetuan 

The Moroccan Post

I go postal – Moroccan style

Some random observations of Morocco

Our Sahara Nomad Wedding – Part 1

Our Sahara Nomad Wedding – Part 2

Our Sahara Nomad Wedding – Part 3

Our Sahara Nomad Wedding – Part 4

Our Sahara Nomad Wedding – Part 5

Our Sahara Nomad Wedding – Part 6

At this point my bitchy co-worker and next door neighbor told me that my boss at the English school was going to fire me and since I was trying to prep for classes and get the psots about our wedding up and trying to adjust to married life – I screwed up and posted a journal entry that said I was going to destroy the reputations of  my boss and the school if they dared to fire me – it was agreed that a resignation would be best since they hadn’t actually been intending to fire me. Oops.

The Cherry Festival of Sefrou

The Cherry Festival of Sefrou part 2

Sefrou Cherry Festival part 3

A trip to Tangier (I’ll leave the gun at home William S. Burroughs!)

Ramadan with a Shepherd’s Family

I move us to Turkey

Our Vagobaby

The Vagobaby is Coming – Back to Morocco

Actually, my wife went back and I traveled a bit while she visited with family. I was still hoping we could stay in Turkey but with our first baby on the way – it was best for her to be back in her own country.

Back to Morocco for me

Another Vagobond Valentines

Life is changing rapidly for us

Time and Money in Morocco – our big fights

Schweeya bi scweeya in Morocco

The Vagobaby – Introducing Sophia

The Baby and the Apes

Dragging my family to Turkey Again

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Making Decisions 

Looking at Sefrou Again

Dreaming of Getting Away

A Year of Fatherhood


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