Vagobond Travel Museum – Bulgaria and Macedonia

My trip to the Balkans was a last minute decision and since I had to fly back to Morocco, then back to Istanbul and then onward to South Korea – it was more rushed than I would have preferred. Still, my time in the Balkans taught me a lot and despite the somewhat negative experiences I had in Serbia – I look forward to going back and exploring this fascinating and beautiful part of the world – especially the countries along the Adriatic on the other side from Italy that I didn’t have time to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy my adventures in Bulgaria and Macedonia

The Fools Journey – Bulgaria or Bust

Night Train from Istanbul to Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria – Full of Surprises

Sofia – Ancient and Historic

Sofia Tourist Sites

Sofia Places of Worship

Sofia Parks and Statues

Introduction to Bulgarian Food and Drink

Bulgarian Monsters and Folklore

A Winter Walk in Pernik

A Moroccan Idol in Pernik

Sofia, Bulgaria Where the Nightlife Kicks Ass

From Sofia to Belgrade

Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje Boutique Hotels and Hostels

3 Continents, 4 countries and 6 Cities in 24 Hours

As usual, there are more stories that I haven’t had the time to write than those that I have and someday I will hopefully be adding those stories here…not to mention a whole bunch of new ones. Enjoy these few photos.

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