Vagobond Travel Museum – Blogville Bologna Edition

Bologna Blogville Lately, I’ve been curating content about the places I happen to be each Friday. This Friday, I’ve chosen to focus on the travel bloggers and people that I’ve met through Blogville – here in Bologna. The web is full of great travel blogs, travel stories, travel photos and travel videos – the hard part is finding them amidst all the garbage. Through the week, I curate the best travel stories I find at Vagobond Travel Media and then each Friday, I bring you the highlights here at the Vagobond Travel Museum. To let me know about a great story either contact me on G+, Email me, or simply use the Twitter or G+ hashtag #travelmuseum

These are my Travel Museum Inductions for the week of April 27, 2012.

Blogville is a very cool experiment. Nothing like it has ever been done. One of the coolest factors is the people that I’m getting the opportunity to meet. Allow me to utilize this edition of the Vagobond Travel Museum to introduce you to some bloggers whom you will certainly come to enjoy (if you don’t already)
I was the first to arrive at Blogville.  A few hours later, I was joined in the house by Runaway Jane. Jane isn’t really a runaway, but she is a young traveler from Edinburgh, Scotland who has already made an impact on the travel blogging world- here is a post she wrote about the recent conference of Travel Bloggers – Travel Bloggers Unite – in Umbria which overlapped with Blogville and, it turns out – nearly every other blogger I am sharing the house with or have met thus far – attended.

Have a look at Jane’s blog and you’ll find plenty of food, music and great travel tips. I’m certain that she will be writing about Blogville in the near future and you can find her tweeting about it already @runawayjane.


Rocky Steps Next to arrive were Michael and Larissa – a couple from Philadelphia who are traveling the world with a tiny Rocky Statue.

Larissa and Michael have sold everything and are on a year-long journey around the world. They’re writing on their blog and for the Philadelphia Inquirer about their adventures. But what’s up with the Rocky statue? Go to Changes in Longitude to find out.


blogvilleWednesday was the official launch party and it brought the final resident of the house – Kash Bhattacharye. Kash is a loud laugher and definitely a travel-blogger and in fact, he was one of the three people who drank the idea of Blogville into existence. Kash’s blog Budget Traveller – is tightly focused on seeing the world on a shoestring. He’s the guy in the center between the cheeky travel bloggers.

In the back of the photo is Nicholas Montemaggi – one of the other three driving forces in the creation of Blogville and the ‘Master of the House’.  Nicholas is one hell of a nice guy and as you can tell, a great host. @n_montemaggi is his handle on Twitter.

Asgeir N. PedersenNicholas invited some of the folks from his work with Tourism Emilia Romagno and I had the pleasure to meet and hang out with Asgeir Pedersen, a Norwegian who has relocated to Italy and created a new life for himself while taking some incredible photos of Bologna and Emilia Romagno. Asgier tries to capture essence in his photos and I, for one, can feel it when I look at them.

Kash, didn’t come alone either. Since he was also comeing from the TBU conference, he convinced a number of other bloggers to come along with him.  Some of them I was familiar with and others I am happy to have been introduced to for the first time.

Jodi  took a year off from her career as a lawyer and decided to spend some time travelling – when the year was up, she decided to take more time and now – four years later – she’s still on the road. Jodi is a very funny person and while I’d read some of her blogposts before it was interesting to meet her and find that she is actually that person in real life too. Consider Legal Nomads a long-read!


Angie is another blogger who I’d met virtually and who when I met in person it felt like I already had met in person before. If you’ve ever wandered what it would be like to ‘travel with the  Christian girl next door’ – you should spend some time checking out Angie’s blog. She’s a down to earth PR consultant from Florida who, in 2010 after careful consideration, lots of prayers and years of saving for a rainy day, took her travel show on the road. Angie Away is her story.



Alex Bargar and I were both in Istanbul during the worst snowstorm in 25 years – oddly, though we are both bloggers and active online – we didn’t meet there and it wasn’t until I came across his photos of the aftermath of the storm that I realized we’d crossed paths and left a comment on his site Virtual Wayfarer – you should go check out his great photos and interesting travels (which seem very similar to mine recently so it’s almost inevitable we would meet.)

It’s not very often I get to meet other people from Hawaii, but Kash also brought Alexandra from Fluent in Frolicking – a wahine from Maui looking for the holy Cannoli in Italy. While neither of us is Hawaiian by blood, she gets the kamaaina tag more strongly than me for being born and raised in Hawaii nei – for me it’s just the place I’ve lived longer than any other and the place where my soul resides. Alexis is fluent in frolicking and her blog is a fun window on her travels and perceptions of the world.

Elisa MazziniAlso at the party were my new friend Giovanni who has helped make the Blogville Project a reality with a lot of sweat and hard work. He is the force behind the website. And, also from the home office was Elisa  aka @lelimaz who handles all the social media for Emilia Romagna.  Elisa is a lovely woman with great travel advice and a beautiful energy who came with her boyfriend Dominico, a very friendly musician.

There will be more, but that’s it for now – the world of travel is now better than it has ever been before and while there were plenty of other great travel stories this week. To let me know about any great travel pieces, contact me at Vagobond Travel Media (where you can see lots more great stories that I curated this week) or using the contact form here at

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