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complete guide to AntalyaEvery week I scour the internet for the best travel stories, travel videos and travel photos I can find.  The web is full of great travel blogs, travel stories, travel photos and travel videos – the hard part is finding them amidst all the garbage. Through the week, I curate the best travel stories I find at Vagobond Travel Media and then each Friday, I bring you the highlights here at the Vagobond Travel Museum. To let me know about a great story either contact me on G+, Email me, or simply use the Twitter or G+ hashtag  #travelmuseum

This week for April 13, 2012 – I am focusing on the Turkish Riviera city of Antalya. If you are in Antalya, I recommend Tuvala Hotel and the magnificent Seraser Restaurant in old town Kaleici.

First – a little about Antalya:

Kaleici  Streets (7)If you are looking for a nice general purpose guide to Antalya – you may want to look at Antalya Living, from events to general activities, there is plenty of great information on this site to fulfill your visit.  Billy (a Scottish comedian) and Ellen (an American opera singer)  have created a great site infused with their personalities and even better …it is infused with the personality of Antalya and what it is like to live here!


Another great Antalya Blog is called Antalya City – While lacking the personality of Billy and Ellens, there is still plenty of great info on here, like this post on the Top 10 Cafe’s in Antalya. Sure, the list is mostly generic international brands, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find gold on this general Antalya blog.


antalya mapNow, if you want information and character all about Antalya, have a look at Turkey Country.  In Kaleiçi, you can immediately become isolated from the hassle of modern living by simply passing through a gate, just like Alice, stepping into Wonderland and following the rabbit. The inner castle resembles a touristic district, preserving the architecture of the city, with its mansions, towers, minarets, narrow streets and calming courtyards. Almost all the houses in the inner castle open up to either an interior courtyard or a garden. Just like the walls surrounding the city, all the courtyards are surrounded with orange and lemon trees. 

A great photo from Google+

Here’s another video – this time of a Antalya City Tour:

Another site you may want to check out is Turkhey, they have a complete Antalya section. And one more photo from Google+


And if all of that isn’t enough – perhaps you will be able to find what you need using Tom Brosnahan’s  Turkey Travel Planner  – If I’m not mistaking – next week we should be in Bodrum….but only time will tell.


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