Vagobond Travel Museum – 4 Travel Secrets to Improve Your Life

Life Travel SecretsOh, my fine feathered travel friends. We’d all love to be birds and fly where we want with no borders but the seasons and the weather, but, unfortunately, most of us have some limitations the birds don’t . Things like laws, customs, borders, bank accounts, airline miles programs, and baggage restrictions…

But, have no fear – a look in the archives of Vagobond’s vast store of arcane travel knowledge has revealed how you can improve your life and your travel with  almost nothing… Enjoy this week’s rather simple but very important Vagobond Travel Museum. This one’s for the birds.

Secret #1   Sunsets are free. Mountaintops don’t cost a thing. Walking through a public market takes not a dime. Striking up a conversation with someone working beside a road you are walking down can lead to adventures you can’t imagine. Just being in a new place will provide you with more insights about yourself and the world than all the new clothes, fancy meals, or well rehearsed tourist trips can ever give you.

Secret #2  All you need is the desire to move to the next second in this life and you already have it or else you’d already be dead.

Secret #3  You can trade it for money, give it away for free, or waste it being a pissed off grumpy asshole but you can’t actually buy time, you can only sell it.

Secret #4  The key to mastering the art of world travel  is learning to trust strangers and let them become friends.





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