Vagobond Predictions for 2011

It’s now 2011 in Antalya, Turkey and 43 minutes into the new year, I realize that it’s high time I write my predictions for the coming 365 days.

It occurred to me today when I was reading the Turkish coffee of some office workers (really) that predictions for 2011 can come from anyone, including me, and since I am a fairly accomplished card reader, Turk Cavasi reader (at least that’s what they said), and palm reader of no great virtue….I should throw my predictions into the ring.

I’ll start with the good stuff:

1) Non-Terran Farming will take a huge leap. One of the most significant breakthroughs in human history will happen around March 17, 2011 in regards to growing food off planet.
2) Internet consciousness. A spontaneous sense of ‘I’ will take place on the internet around August 23rd, 2011. The sudden consciousness of something most people don’t consider alive will cause huge debate but ultimately be called a fraud or anomaly since it will be very short lived. However, it won’t be the last.
3) A new school of philosophy will be born before the year ends, probably in October or November. It will involve a radical new conception of time and distance. The philosophy in turn will inspire a new school of physics that questions every established ‘fact’ we think we know.
4) The Bush family will suffer an incredible humiliation around November.
5) In late December of 2011 a radical new energy source will be revealed which will change the foundations of world power and finance. The power structure of the globe will be drastically rearranged as a result. Get ready for something totally different.

On the bad side:
1) The big death trifecta of the year will be Tiger Woods, Ben Affleck, and Anderson Cooper. Totally unexpected and sad. Okay not totally unexpected since it will happen in July/August.
2) The financial crisis in the USA and Europe will deepen and more than 70 million jobs will be lost on the North American and European continents.
3) A terrorist attack will take place at a major sporting event around September 15th.
4) A major war will break out in an unexpected area in the Spring of 2011.
5) The Emo style will become even more mainstream over the course of the year.

And my final predictions for 2011 are that governments around the world will start to require citizens to show they have adequate resources before leaving home and that two scientists will figure out how to create babies with no man involved.

As for me…in 2011 expect me to create something along the lines of Facebook.

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