Pickled Aliens, Pinwheels, and Mayor Cake in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Portland, Maine

A nice shot of Portland at night.

I took the ferry from Portland, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. I was sad to leave Portland, but happy to be heading to Canada. I woke up early, said goodbye to Kate and Allison (my hosts in Portland) and then caught the ferry.

Kate and Allison in Portland, Maine

The ferry was brilliant.
The Cat Ferry from Portland to Yarmouth

On board there were places to watch movies and big windows to watch the sea. I had hoped to see whales but not this time. I was very happy to be back in Canada until I got to customs. As I wrote previously, the woman there was horrible. She searched all my clothes, searched my computer, read my email, read my journal, and asked me every question in the world six times. They treated me like I was a criminal or a drug dealer and of course I am not, so they found nothing. They didn’t even apologize. It was like being raped I think. Finally they let me go and I met up with my couch surfing host in Yarmouth, Carla. Carla pulled up just as I walked out of the awful building.
Carla in Yarmouth
Carla (read her blog at )was more than nice and fed me delicious food, took me on bike rides, and since she is a reporter, she took me with her all over Nova Scotia the next day while she took pictures and did interviews.
yarmouth's beautiful grey lady

Yarmouth’s beautiful grey lady has been waiting for me for 150 years.


Yarmouth is an old fashioned kind of place.

Hanging out with Carla was a lot of fun. We had a fire on the night I arrived and ate delicious food she made on it. One of her tenants is a very nice Muslim man from Guinea and so I was able to speak with him in a little Arabic and lots of French and that made me feel closer to home and Hanane in Morocco.

I almost felt like I was back in the Souidi house as he and I spoke of how hard Ramadan is when you are the only person observing it. He is the only black person I have seen since coming to Nova Scotia and he told me that he is the only Muslim within about 200 km. It’s a shame that he and I weren’t around each other during the fast, it would have been much better.
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
In the morning, Carla took me for another bike ride through beautiful Yarmouth and then I went with her on her rounds (she’s a reporter) and got to see schoolkids who made a giant peace sign out of pinwheels (Whirled Peace) in honor of World Peace Day.
Whirled Peace
Whirled Peace
whirled peace

Then we toured all over Cape Sable Island and I saw people mowing their lawns

Nova Scotia

People gathering Irish Moss
Irish Moss, Nova Scotia

Churches being bulldozed
Nova Scotia church

Plenty of lobster boats
Cape Sable Island
lobster boat Nova Scotia wreck

And the site of the 1967 Alien Incident
UFO Shag Harbor
Nova Scotia UFO
Not to mention the alien.
Alien, Shag Harbor

Carla had to cover a council meeting and so I walked around through Barrington as the sun went down. I like this shot of the bridge there.


After that I watched a movie on my laptop in her car. I was pleasantly surprised when the Warden (like the Mayor I think) had made a delicious blueberry crumble cake and Carla brought me out a piece of it.

The next morning, Carla took me for coffee and a delicious muffin at the Old World Bakery and then I set out on my way with a very cool sign and a lunch she had made me. The sign said Brier Island on one side and “Nice Guy” with a happy face on the other.

It worked wonders…as I will write about in the next post…
Cape Sable

This is the lighthouse at the southernmost point in Maritime Canada.

(Originally published 23 SEP 2009)


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