Vagobond in Queens

Vagobond in Queens

Last night I bailed on the hostel and went to Queens where I met my cousin Chris Evans for the first time. We met up at his restaurant Press 195 and ate incredible food and drank some delicious brews. We ate a Chicken Finger Ciabatta Press and some Belgian Fries with chipotle dipping sauce and then I had my first Knish, which Chris and his partner Brian use as a kind of bread to make a totally scrumptious sandwich. My first beer of the night was an Outrage IPA and it turned out that the brewer was sitting right next to me! Later I had some Three Philosophers Belgian 9.6% that sort of rocked my world. The place was filled with beautiful chicks and while this time I was spending some time getting to know my cousin, next time… anyway.

Chris is a great guy with a fantastic wife Robin and two sweet kids (Christopher and Cathryn) . It’s kind of funny, we’re the same age, height, and probably temperment but he’s an east coast Chris and I’m a west coast one. We have very different lives, but each appreciate the others. He almost instantly became one of my favorite relatives. Here’s the couch questions which I did with the camera sideways and then couldn’t figure out how to fix.

And here is a bonus video from MOMA I forgot to upload before.


I spent the day at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. It was awesome and inspiring. I finally learned why Jackson Pollock is great and how a giant red canvas with four narrow vertical bands on it by Barnett Newman can be amazing.

The piece of art in question is more than just a red canvas. It is many many layers of red paint that create a texture that comes to life when viewed in person. The bands (called zips) actually fool the eye into a sense of movement and energy. Here is the picture of the art, but you won’t be able to understand until you spend a half hour sitting in front of it. You can see all the pictures that most impressed me on my flickr stream here, but below are the shots that I took that perhaps capture more of the feeling of new york and modern art.

The piece of art here is actually a mirror with a “Man in Yellow Pants” on it. It incorporates the people looking at the art into the art.

I liked the way this blond Spanish woman had put herself in the corner here.

The windows had fogged up and these people were more interested in what other museum goers had written on the window than in the displayed works. I like how they and the window worked with the sculpture shadow on the wall.

The man in the picture is arranged so that he seems part of a study on men with the two statues and the painting behind him. His stance is similar to the painted mans.The woman to the left seems to be studying all of them.

This audio video display turned the viewers into part of the art. I like the geometry from this particular spot.

Sure the art is nice. But look at the woman working in the office on the right side of the window. Below is a zoom in of her.

This series shows diners in a restaurant increasing in a Fibonocci sequence.

I’d left the museum but still felt artistic when I saw this tank with graffiti and the oldster walking by.

I looked down and saw lots of butts under the grate and under my shoes. I liked the way it looked.

Just follow the Vagobunny Alice and you will have adventures beyond belief!