Vagobond in Paris without any money!

Uh-oh! Broke in ParisAh, yes, here I am in Paris. I’m going to enjoy it, but I’m a bit screwed at the moment. Several days ago, Paypal decided my account activity was strange since I was in France (and yet they didn’t find it strange that I was in Morocco, Spain, Gibraltar, or Portugal….) and they shut down my access to my debit card and my account.

This is where nearly all of my money was. In order to fix it, they need me to be at my address of record in the United States…or equally insane requests of faxing utility bills or rental contracts. I managed to get the complete restrictions lifted from my account so I could transfer funds back to another bank account, but this will take 3-5 business days.

I figured it was no problem though, since I had another bank debit card with a couple of hundred dollars. I went to use it to buy some bread and tuna fish earlier but the grocery store told me that my bank had requested that the card be returned to me!!!! It was shut down too!

So far, they haven’t notified me of anything and they certainly have my email. I checked my account online and there is money there (just like in Paypal) but I can’t access it.

Luckily, I had already withdrawn a couple of hundred Euro before paypal shut down my account. So I was able to get the train to Paris, pay for my hostel for three nights, and buy my bread and tunafish.

But now, my friends, I am in Paris with 15 Euro. I need to get to Brussels by the 22nd to catch my flight to Milan and then will catch my flight back to Morocco and my bride to be.

I don’t mind not having money, but having money and not being allowed to access it really pisses me off. So here I am, I hope that something works out…but for now, this will be a very cheap couple of days in Paris.

Of course, having fun without spending money is actually something I am very good at. So, while frustrating on one level, this should be fun.


(Originally published 15 April 2009)


Vago Damitio

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