Vagobond in Marrakesh

The train ride from Casa Blanca to here was stunning.155 dirham: Orange fields of what I think were poppies, yellow fields of something else, purple fields of something else, green, hills, red rocks, and lots of beauty. I took no pictures.

Arrived here and an unfriendly cab driver tried to overcharge me and then dropped me at the wrong spot. Wandered the Medina for about two hours trying to find the hotel I was looking for. Didn’t find it. Fended off plenty of ‘”Bonjour Monsiuer’s”, checked out a dozen places that all cost 100+ Euros! And finally found one for 150 dirham which my poor arabic and arabic shirt helped to get for 100. A private room for the night is welcome.

Despite the reviews of other travellers and friends, I prefer Rabat and Casablanca to Marrakech. We’ll see though, after all I am tired and a bit hungry.


Vago Damitio

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