Breakfast in Quebec, Lunch in New Jersey, Dinner on a plane, Breakfast in Ireland

Woke up early yesterday in Quebec but despite that the lovely Kelie woke up with me and insisted we have breakfast. I took an expensive taxi to the airport $32.50, the only way to get to the airport in QC, then got searched by Canadian customs again! Not as severe as last time, but man do they hate my harmonica.

American customs was positively warm as I entered New Jersey, no search, no nothing. Just welcome back.

Then 5 hours in the Newark. I ate a bagel and cream cheese and a slice of pizza. Who knows when I’ll be back?

cc image courtesy of Innovation Journalism on Flickr7pm flight across the atlantic, multiple meals on board but all I really wanted was a xanex. I didn’t have one.  Arrived in Dublin at 6 am. Caught a bus to my Dublin hostel at 7:45 am. No sleep on the flight. Quite tired, but had breakfast in the hostel. Decided to put myself on whatever tour was leaving the hostel just so I could get over the jet lag and feel somewhat normal the next day.

Took an all day trip out into the beautiful rolling hills and lakes around Dublin. Kept falling asleep like a narcoleptic. Went to take a picture and realized my camera had gone kaput finally…bummer, it’s been a good camera. Took lots of pics on my crappy cell phone camera though…

Intended to tip the guide but he decided to drop me off somewhere other than where he picked me up and told me to ask how to get back to the hostel from the nearest pub. No tip.

Guide Rule #1, fellow guides usually tip you well, unless you dump them off in a strange part of town and tell them to ask directions from a pub when they can’t keep their eyes open.

Otherwise, it was a great trip. Great guide. Found my way back to my hostel and now trying to figure out how to upload from my phone.

That’s all for now.


Vago Damitio

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