Dublin for $82 – Lesbians, Guinness, and Vikings plus Gary Coleman

It was a fast couple of days in Ireland. I really enjoyed Dublin. Like my time in Frankfurt, Germany  it was a pleasant surprise filled with great experiences.

It rained the whole time I was there, but I found the people to be welcoming, warm, and honestly, I felt enchanted.

A Guinness in Dublin

It’s more expensive for Guinness in Ireland than in Germany.

Stayed in a nice little hostel called Abigail’s Budget Accomodation. 12 Euro a night. Clean, nice, free internet, free breakfast, books, big TV room, and populated by tons of lesbians. Yes, I have no idea why, but there it is.

They wanted me to go out drinking with them, but since they weren’t offering to buy my drinks, I was forced to decline. I think they were playing the “Buy me a drink game”, I heard them talking about it earlier, its where they all go out and keep score by the number of drinks bought for them by lonely guys…haha.

They didn’t know who they were asking. No money and a great woman, not likely to get a drink from me. I had spent the day walking around Dublin and going to Christchurch and St. Patricks Cathedrals, visiting the Archeology (National Museum of Ireland) Museum (Free) which had an excellent film and exhibit on the Vikings in Dublin, and getting a nice bowl of soup in a pub.

Ireland though was great. I left this morning at about 7 am. US customs was a nice hassle free experience. The flight with Continental was more than pleasant as I read, played computer chess on the seat monitor, and watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s show.

Arrived in New Jersey and was already sorry to be in the USA as I got stuck behind a fat family of five who walked abreast and filled a whole corridor. Saw the prices for a personal pizza $9! Then I ate the marmalade and nutella sandwich I made at the hostel this morning.

Obviously I did some work on the internet and then caught the flight to Quebec City in Canada where I am now but will write about later.

All the pictures in this post are from Dublin. My cost for Dublin was 24 Euros for the hostel, 15 Euros for food and Guinness, 2.5 Euros for a postcard and stamp, 9 Euros for bus and a cab this morning, 10 Euros for the flight from Frankfurt, and that’s it. Comes to about $82 U.S.

(Originally published 20 May 2009)

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