Bordeaux, France – Not so Groovy unless you love sex shops

Okay, I’m taking the piss a little bit here, but I thought Bordeaux overall was not a very groovy place.

It had a nice free museum, the Musee d’Aquitaine with lots of anthropology stuff. There were a lot of hotels in Bordeaux  so there must be tourists who come here and find something wonderful. On this trip, I seemed to miss it.

Yes, this is an exhibit of the past in a museum….

It had some pretty buildings.

It had some nice gardens and a nice farmers market.

And it had a guy in a chicken suit giving away free juice of some sort.

It also had lots of expensive vineyard tours I didn’t take, lots of sex shops I didn’t visit, and lots of drugs I think.

I thought I was going to be mugged on my way to the train station to leave, but happily, the would be mugger responded with some shock to my shove and commmand of No! as if I were talking to a dog. The guy grabbed me and I just reacted as if a dog were jumping on me and shoved him off with that commanding No! Then he just stood there and I walked away watching my back in the plate glass windows to see if he would follow, he didn’t.

Check out me checking out a 12th century Jesus on the cross.

Oh, by the way the reason I knew the french lady was crazy on the train, was because even though I told her i didn’t speak french very well she insisted on telling me long stories and when I started to go to sleep, she turned on some very loud and annoying music and then began to talk again. She wasn’t all bad though, in between chain smoking on the train, she gave me a few smokes and a pack of halls mentholyptus.

(originally posted 16APR2009)


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