Western Turkey Guide

Vagobond Guide to Western Turkey

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Western Turkey GuideWestern Turkey is an entire world of wonders. From the ancient Greek cities of Smyrna, Ephesus, Troye, Olympos and more to the modern nightlife and beach cities of Fetiye, Antalya, and Izmir this is a land filled with tradition, legend and magic. This guide only begins to touch on the surface of things…to experience it, you must visit and once you do, I think that, like me, you will return again and again and again and again….

The Best Tour in Turkey

Turkey has more Greek and Roman Ruins than Italy and Greece Combined!

Buying Property in Turkey

Ramadan in Turkey


Bursa – the First Ottoman Capital

Bursa – Home of the Iskender Kabab
Yenikapi to Yalova
12 Days in Turkey
Hotels in Bursa

History of Manisa
Hotels in Manisa
Sypil Mountain – Tantalus, Magnesia
Tarzan of Manisa
Niobe – Manisa’s Lady of Sorrows
Hiking Around Manisa #1
Hiking Around Manisa #2
Ancient Footprints – 25,000 years old!

Izmir History – Ancient Smyrna
Alsancak and Kordon
Konak and the Kamaralti
The Agora, Museums, and Kultur Park
Hotels in Izmir


Gallipoli Peninsula
Cannakkale Part 1
Canakkale Part 2
Gallipoli Battlefields
Ancient Troy
7 Day Tour including Gallipoli
Cannakkale Archeologicial Museum
Gokceada Island

Selcuk and Ephesus
Camel Wrestling in Selcuk
Hotels in Selcuk
The Basilica of St. John
The Temple of Artemis and Isa Bey Camii
Classic Western Turkey 3-day Tour

Kusadasi in Winter
Hotels in Kusadasi

Ferries to Greece
Hotels in Bodrum
Bodrum’s Ancient Wonders

Perfect Turkish Holiday including Pammukale Travertines

Introducing Fetiye
12 Islands Boat Tour
Kayakoy – Greek Village Ghost Town
Fetiye to Cappadocia
Hotels in Fetiye

Mud baths
Hotels in Koycegiez

Introducing Antalya
Antalya Part 1
Antalya Part 2
Antalya Part 3
Hotels in Antalya
Tuvana Hotel
Seraser Restaurant

Kadir’s Treehouses
Bayram’s Treehouses
The Ancient Chimera
Hotels in Olympos