Morocco Guide

Vagobond Guide to Morocco Part 1

Vagobond Guide to Morocco Part 1

Casablanca guide

Here is the Vagobond guide to Morocco. It’s many (but not all) of the  wonderful things you can do in Morocco –  if you see something that looks interesting, just click on the hyperlink to find out more about that aspect of Morocco.

Marrakech guideMost visitors fly into either Marrakech or the Mohammad V International Airport in Casablanca.

While Casablanca is most famous for the film Casablanca, it is also an interesting city architecturally and is filled with art-deco architecture. While you are there – you may want to enjoy some seafood at Port du Peche near the Casa Port railway station.

traditional moroccan musicYou are certain to hear the unique music of Morocco during your visit and if you have an ear for music you will notice the complex rhythms of the various types of music.

While it’s not really my cup of tea, the city of Marrakech is a circus of Moroccan Culture and the famed Jmaa al Fnaa square is filled with snake charmers, story tellers, acrobats, and of course plenty of delicious food.

From Marrakech it is possible to take a daytrip to Essauoira where you can enjoy more seafood and if you time it right the Gnawa music festival – a world renowned event.
Chances are that you will want to stay a few days…be warned!

Nomads in the SaharaA visit to the sahara of Morocco is essential. Camels, dunes, and Berber nomads. Stunningly beautiful.

Many visitors want to buy rugs while they are in Morocco, but you definitely won’t want to buy this one – the ugliest rug in Morocco!

Another thing to definitely take advantage of while you visit Morocco is the traditional Moroccan hammam. Of course you could also do one of the fancy tourist hammams too…

Moroccan transportationWith all this travel, it will be essential that you undestand Moroccan ground transportation – big taxis get very full and the small ones pick up extra passengers as they go!

From the Sahara, it makes sense to head to Fes. Spelled Fez by anglophones – Fes is the home of the oldest inhabited Medieval Islamic medina in the world! It is also the largest car free urban area in the world.

architecture in FesThe thing that is wonderful about Fes though is the traditional Moroccan architecture and that you can stay in a fully restored traditional house in Fez.

If you are planning on flying from the Fes Sais International Airport, make sure that you understand how to arrange transport from Fez to the Airport – it can be very tricky!

If you’re flying out of Casablanca you can take the train from Fez to Casablanca International Airport.

Sunset in TangierOf course you can also take a train to Tangier from Fez. The Tangier Beaches are wonderful.

You might also want to visit the grave of Ibn Battuta – one of the most famous vagabonds in all of history and certainly one of the world’s great travelers.

While there are many other destinations and activities in Morocco – it is definitely worth mentioning in this first guide post that a visit to the Roman Ruins of Volubulis, the Imperial City of Meknes, and the current Royal Capital, Rabat are all worthwhile. And by the way…if you hear Berkane jokes , it’s all in good fun. Moroccans poke a lot of fun at each other.

To learn a bit more about the history of Morocco check out this documentary about Morocco and Europe during the Moorish Andalucian Era.