I’ve created this vagabond glossary page to assist travelers with words they may not be completely familiar with. Foreign words, travel terms, and slang that go along with vagabonding, technomadism, and travel/tourism in general.

This page is a constant work in progress. If you have suggestions I should add, just email me to let me know.

Armchair Adventurer– someone who lives vicariously through the writing of others; i.e anyone who enjoys a good book while leading a “normal” life

Astro Fascist– usually hippies, these people refuse to believe that anything can be determined without the proper astrological reading i.e. “Of course you don’t get along, I’m sure he’s a Leo”

Bum-(v) to borrow something i.e. bum a smoke (n.) someone who doesn’t go anywhere without visible means of support

Crazies– the people who live on the streets with mental difficulties, usually there because of the discontinuation of a government program or funding

Drifter-1) one who wanders with no tangible home 2) someone who wanders into town and everyone says “uh-oh”

Gang Bangers-usually young men obsessed with the idea of earning ‘respect’

Hippie– a person who tuned in, turned on, and dropped out in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s or a person who is attempting to live like the original hippies did. Too often today, the self proclaimed hippie can be identified by astro fascist ideas, militant veganism, or too many opinions on the bumper of their welfare wagon. Often energy vampires.

Hobo– someone who travels about from place to place, usually by train, without visible means of income
Homeless- someone who has no home usually conjures up images of street people

Houseless– someone without a house, usually meaning someone who carries their home in their heart i.e. home is where you hang your heart

Jack– (n) 1) knave, a playing card bearing a picture of a soldier 2) (informal) a fellow, buddy, or man 3) (slang) money 4) to lift or move something; to steal or rob

Ramble- 1) to wander around in a leisurely manner 2) to take a course with many turns or windings 3) to grow or write in a random unsystematic fashion 4) a walk without a definite route taken merely for pleasure

Redneck– a person who hates you because you are different than they are

Slack– (v)to relieve tension or pressure (n.) the goal of a subgenius

Tramp-(v.) to go on a walking excursion or hike (n.) a person who travels about, usually on foot without visible means of income

– someone on a journey from one place to a series of other places, generally a lifetime occupation involving learning about other cultures and experiencing them, travelers are usually on a tight budget that has to last a significant length of time and are not to be confused with tourists

– Usually a rich white kid advocating all sorts of protest while living on the income of their parents.

Tourist– someone who has paid too much for their tickets, accommodations, and attractions and so feels that everyone they come into contact with is somehow responsible for their having a good time before they return to their home and career. The tourist is to be pitied for their useless attempts to see all of Europe in two weeks or see Alaska, the Caribbean, or the South Pacific from a luxury cruise ship

Vagabond– Someone who moves around freely from place to place sometimes having visible means of income, sometimes existing without income, and sometimes bending the law to provide what they need.

Vagobond – That’s me

– very dangerous person with low self esteem that has the potential to kill with little or no provocation, usually seeking approval from whoever they ‘wannbe’