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Vago DamitioVago Damitio  (@vagodamitio)  jumped ship from a sinking dotcom in 2000 and decided to reclaim his most valuable commodity, time. He bought a VW bus for $100, moved into it and set out on a journey to show the world that it was possible to live life on your own terms. That journey took him from waking up under icy blankets in  the Pacific Northwest to waking up under palm tress in Southeast Asia. Three years later, his first book, Rough Living: Tips and Tales of a Vagabond was published. After an Anthropology Honors Degree from the University of Hawaii (with undeclared minors in film and surf) he hit the road again in 2008. Since that time,he’s lived primarily in Morocco and Turkey, married a Moroccan girl he couchsurfed with, and become a proud father. He’s been to more than 40 countries, founded a successful online travel magazine (this one!), and still doesn’t have a boss. Life is good. You can also find him at

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Thumbnail imageAnthony Mathenia (@armathenia) is a novelist and freelance writer. Each Tuesday you can follow the offbeat family travel of Anthony and his family in Syncopated Family Travel.  Anthony has appeared in various print and online publications and is the author of Happiness: How to Find It (2012, Curiosity Quills Press). During the month of November he volunteers as municipal liaison to the Southern Illinois region for National Novel Writing Month, an event that has helped hundreds of thousands toward reaching their goal of writing a novel. He grew up in a religious cult and sincerely apologizes for waking you up on Saturday mornings in order to recruit you.


Thumbnail image Linda Kissam (@LindaKissam) is a professional travel, food, and wine writer based out of Southern California. She specializes in easy, breezy destination stories focusing on what makes each destination special through its culinary, wine, and spirit scene and the soft adventures that surround those pursuits. She never travels without a notebook, camera and a great pair of Brighton flats. She has an addiction to personable people, interesting wines, gourmet coffee, fabulous chocolate and spicy foods. Anyone who knows her will tell you that she loves traveling anywhere, by any means, and is somewhat obsessive about jewelry, success, and a good taco. You can find her writer page at


Sarah SpigelmanSarah Spigelman (@FritosnFoie) is a New York based food writer, recipe developer, and blogger. She writes for Bites at The Today Show, Whisked Foodie, and Northeast Flavor, among other publications. She loves luxurious hotels, inexpensive clothing, and “Mad Men.” Whenever she is not searching for the spiciest kimchi in NYC, she can be found at her website, Fritos and Foie Gras


Thumbnail imageDave Stamboulis  (FB/dave.stamboulis)  is a global nomad who spent seven years traveling 40,000 kilometers around the world by bicycle. His book Odysseus Last Stand chronicles that journey. Dave resides in Bangkok, Thailand, where he works for magazines, newspapers, and stock agencies as a freelance photojournalist.  His quest for stories and images in off the beaten track places has taken him to spots such as Borneo, Ethiopia, Bolivia, and other way out locations, often reached via bicycle, kayak, or on foot.  you can check out his work at and his most recent photography at his Flickr.


Thumbnail imageMelissa Ruttanai (@worldwinder) is a travel writer and SEO blogger. In 2010, with a tenured teaching position at a top middle school, she did the “unthinkable”—and quit. Now on a 2-year world adventure with her husband, Melissa writes in cafes and hostels, sharing her stories in hopes that others will think outside of conventional life, and travel. Her work has been published by International Living Magazine, Escape from America Magazine, DINK Life, Weekend Notes, and Flip Key Travel.


K. Pearson Brown is a contributor to L.A. Family, L.A. Parent, Expecting, OutTraveler, Brentwood Media Group (Westside Today, Beverly Hills 90210, Westwood/Bel-Air View, Brentwood News, Santa Monica Sun, Palisades 90272, Malibu Beach), LA Independent Newspapers (West Hollywood Independent, Hollywood Independent, Westside Independent and Culver City Independent), LA Examiner, Yahoo! Associated Content, Buzzle, E-zine Articles, Suite 101,’s Harmony magazine, Frontiers, IN Los Angeles and Curve, and she can also be heard as a commentator on the top-rated NPR radio station KPCC-FM in Los Angeles. Brown is also a nationally syndicated columnist, blogger and novelist. Her columns have appeared in more than 40 outlets including, TheNextFamily, Goodkin, Washington Blade, New York Blade, Southern Voice (Atlanta), South Florida Blade, Houston Voice, Philadelphia Express News,, The LN, Odyssey (Hawaii),, GayWired, and many others. Follow her blog at Out With Mommy and you can also find her on Google+

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