Vagobond at Denver International Airport

I’ve got a short layover from Salt Lake City before I head out to New York City. Denver Int’l is nice but like most airports, everything is way overpriced.

It’s nice to see some genetic diversity again. The past couple of days were good ‘man time’ American style. Staying with Cam, Josh, and Tony was the first time in years that I’ve actively engaged in typical American male behavior. I drank beer and ate pizza while watching Monday Night Football, played horseshoes, admired guns, went out to a couple of bars and played pool, and girl watched with my buddies. Good times were had by all. If it hadn’t of been raining, we probably would have gone out shooting those guns, as it was, we just passed them around checking out the action, clips, and weight. Fun stuff.

This morning, Tony dropped me off downtown and I met up with one of my old buddies from the dotcom era, Alain, who is developing i-phone aps now. We had breakfast and then he dropped me at the airport. The rest was uneventful, but here I am at DIA where the free wifi would be great if not for the annoying ads it lays on my tiny little screen.

Oh well…glad to be adventuring again…


Vago Damitio

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