Vagobond $1 Million Dollar Travel Sweepstakes! What am I doing here?

Vago Damitio's "What am I doing here?"

I am very pleased to announce the biggest contest in the history of travel this week on “What am I doing here?”  Through the generous philanthropy of an unnamed very rich person (we are talking very very very rich) – Vagobond is going to be giving one lucky traveler $1 million dollars to fund their travels, adventures, or power lunches for as long as the money lasts with no strings attached. You can even use it to go to space with Virgin Galactic if you like!!!

million dollar travel sweepstakes

You read that right – NO STRINGS ATTACHED! In fact, this contest is one of the most obsequious and clairvoyant contests to rise from the 3-D swamp of the internets.  First, here is how the contest works – the following are things that you don’t have to do to be eligible to win the $1 million dollar prize.

– LIKE or RECOMMEND this post on Facebook and follow Vagobond

– TWEET this post on Twitter and follow @Vagobond

– SHARE this post on Google+ and CIRCLE +vagobondtravelmedia

– RECOMMEND, TWEET, or LIKE the Vagobond Hotel Search or Vagobond Flight Tool

– SUBMIT a video explicitly mentioning to Youtube about what you will do if you win the $1 million dollars from Vagobond and let us know the URL through one of the social media outlets above.  

That’s it. It’s that easy. You read that right, $1 million dollars really is that easy – if you win.

Now, let’s look at the eligibility requirements:

– Everyone living at the time of the award is eligible to be given the $1 million dollar prize with no strings attached.

– Those who have died at the time of the award are no longer eligible

– Those raised from the dead but not among the un-dead (sorry zombies and vampires) are eligible (Yes, Jesus, that means you!)

– Winners must be current residents of one of the 237 eligible nations or have been born in one of the nations that no longer grace the maps

– Employees of, Vagobond Travel Media,  and every other company legally registered or not ARE eligible so long as they meet the above requirements

The winner will not be announced on JULY 31, 2012 but will be contacted privately and awarded the money with a strict non-disclosure agreement which will detail the terms and conditions of the NO STRINGS ATTACHED $1 Million Dollars.  Only the winner will be notified and so if you are not notified on July 31, 2012 – you are not the winner.  The winner will not appear in any PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS for Vagobond and will not be required to act as a TRAVEL SPOKESPERSON for Vagobond.  The winner will not be constrained, restrained, held captive or have the fact that they have won $1 MILLION DOLLARS revealed to the world, their family, or anyone else so that they can move freely, avoid paying taxes, and not have a bunch of freeloaders hit them up for loose change or investment.

So, that should be enough for anyone. Good luck. I hope you win $1 Million Dollars.

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Damitio  (@vagodamitio) is the Editor-in-Chief for Vagobond. Life is good. You can also find him on Google+ and at Facebook