Vago Damitio’s Predictions for 2013

If you want to know the future, you’ve got to go there. Vago Damitio’s predictions for 2013 are for your enjoyment only . Any investments or life changing decisions should only be made after doing your own due diligence. 

Vago Damitio's Predictions for 2013Today is the last day of 2012. I made a number of predictions over the course of the last few years and to be honest, I’m usually pretty far off the mark. The reason for that is that I like to make HARD predictions – not the easy kind like ‘Your shoelaces will come undone” or “Iran will cause problems” or “Someone you love will suffer some hardship.” My predictions will prove without a doubt that I am looking into the future with supernatural abilities.  Of course, if you are to judge by my predictions of 2011 or predictions of 2012 – I’m not seeing very clearly. In fact, unless you argue things very broadly, one could even say that I’m not seeing the future at all. Of course, that’s what THEY want you to believe.  Have a look and decide for yourself.

Without further ado….

Vago Damitio’s Predictions for 2013

1. Turkish Kanto Music will sweep the globe and become the top grossing and top played music worldwide in 2013 with a resurgence of puppetry and a romanticism of Ottoman fashion, cuisine, and entertainment coming along with it.

2. Turkey will take part in a joint invasion of Syria and then…they’ll decide to stay there in order to ‘keep the peace’.  Nobody will object too loudly. Those that do object, no one will listen to.

3. China, meanwhile, will surprise everyone (except for us) by invading North Korea. Again, no one will complain too loudly since the enemy you know is better than the oddly silent Kim Jong Un.

4. California, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii will all follow Washington’s lead by legalizing marijuana use. Obama will be spotted in a ‘Hemp for Victory’ T-shirt.

5. Israel will complain about Turkey and the US will side with Turkey prompting Netanyahu to call Obama a ‘pothead’

6. The Mobile Web will go light years beyond anyone’s expectations actually driving an economic world recovery that will quickly begin to look like yet another ‘bubble’

7. The price of gold will drop as the US dollar sets records against major currencies. While it won’t fall flat, expect to see it hovering around the $1000/ounce level before increased consumer demand in China and India raise it back to $1400 or so.

8. The top grossing film of 2012 will be a breakout Indy film made completely using Android tablets. The film will be about ….what else but a Turkish Kanto Singer.

9. Amazon will drop the price of the kindle to $0.10 when you buy a kindle book on Amazon.  The number one bestseller of the year will be an ebook about a gay talking cat.

10. Google+ will shock the world as it surpasses the number of Facebook users. The catalyst will be an app that sends an electric jolt into the hands of those who use Facebook for more than ten minutes at a time.

That’s it…oh, wait…I should at least make one travel prediction.

11. The hot travel trend for 2013 will be “Feelgood Tourism” in which people will travel to far destinations, adopt a foreign homeless person for a week, and then make a film about why the world should help that person.

That’s it…be sure to come share your predictions for 2013 with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ although if you’d prefer to just go watch more Turkish Kanto videos – I’ll understand completely.

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