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Moroccan CraftsmanThe web is full of great travel sites, travel stories, travel photos and travel videos – the hard part is finding them amidst all the garbage. Through the week, I curate the best travel stories I find at Vagobond Travel Media and then each Friday, I bring you the highlights here at the Vagobond Travel Museum. To let me know about a great story either contact me on G+, email me, or tap me on the shoulder.

These are my Travel Museum Inductions for the week of  May 11, 2012.

Vagobond Travel Media
Berber Beauty : A video slideshow featuring 81 photos from Morocco.

Sahara Desert, Morocco by peerakit_popcity

More photos from Yahiya Mv

There are many part of Morocco not covered, many other beautiful cities. hopefully you will like this video even though there is more to see than this in Morocco . This documentary was made by France 5 channel and it calls “Vu sur Terre” which is Earth from above. I don’t own this documentary nor the Music. this documentary shows the beauty of Morocco, if you are willing to visit Morocco i advise you to watch this first. Morocco, Maroc.

From Mallory on Travel: Essaouira – The Windy and Fishy City of Morocco

It is not difficult to work out why Essaouira is called the ‘Windy City’ even when there is little more than a breeze, it gusts through the streets, market places and along the beach. Its touch caresses the sand and reaches every hidden space within the town.That it is described as a city is a little more difficult to comprehend. Despite the numerous exclusive hotels, riads, bars and restaurants it still appears to be an ‘overgrown’ fishing village. It is this feeling of authenticity absent from some other Moroccan cities which appeals to me.

Epic Memory Making: 7 Cool Things To See In Morocco

From the outdoor souks to the expansive coastline, Morocco has attractions for everyone those seeking Indiana Jones-like adventure. After traveling to Morocco, here’s a cultivated list of seven hot spots that would surely create epic memory making. Note: If you have already signed up for our 

The Guardian – Fes Medina Food Tour – Video | Complete Morocco

Bertrand Fleury – Morocco – Moulay Bouzarqtoune | KiteMovement »Check out Bertrand Fleury’s second episode from his last trip to Morocco. This time from Moulay.

And finally….the oddest Morocco themed thing I saw this week:
PARTY ROCK Dance Tutorial – FlashMob Morocco Official

Tutorial of Party Rock Anthem for the Flashmob Morocco Official FESTIVAL MAWAZINE à Rabat 11ème Édition

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