USA Rail Pass

USA Rail Pass


It’s been great hanging out with my friends in Portland. For Christmas we all sang karaoke songs and made a big pot of chili. No presents, no drama, no problems, just good camaraderie, lots of snow, and a few too many cigarettes.

Which reminds me, I used the e-cig in the airport and on the plane from Hawaii. I didn’t go all crazy with it, but I was puffing and blowing out water vapor and got some attention, then I explained what it was and how it wasn’t smoking and damn if I couldn’t have sold a couple of them on the plane.

I picked up my USA rail pass today. 15 days is really not enough time to check out the country, but I’ve got tickets to Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C, Philadelphia, and New York City. I’ve got couches lined up in all but the last three. Stops are all fairly brief, but hopefully I can imbibe the essence of all these great cities, at least a little bit.

From New York, my plan is to buy the cheapest flight to Europe I can find. Cost determines my destination. That’s as far as I’ve planned so far. It feels fun to have the future being determined by the wheel of fortune…it’s got me a little nervous, but like the train trip, it will resolve itself and no doubt offer unexpected adventures and excitement.

I’m traveling very light with everything I own. Definitely less than 100 things. That includes all my clothes, toiletries, carry on wheelie bag, shoulder bag, and a couple of books to read. Hell, that even includes the pens. I admit, there are some photos, paperwork etc in my dad’s garage, but nothing I expect to see until I somehow manage to own a home. So this is it.

My budget is ultra low, my expectations are high, my openness to what life has to offer is complete. I’m surfing with friends and family when I can and making new friends where I can and need to.

I am open to sponsorships, donations to help fund my adventures, and introductions, suggestions, or anything else you can send my way. I leave Portland on the 28th and should be in NYC by mid January. I hope you guys can make some suggestions for what I should see or do and where I should go.

Life is rad. For sure.