Traveling with Sophia – How to Travel with the Best Infant in the World

I should take a moment to point out that Hanane and I are blessed with the best infant in the world.  Sophia is a delight to travel with and we can hardly go anywhere without everyone who sees or meets her falling in love.

At 8 months- she is nothing short of amazing.  I know, every parent says the same and frankly it’s not that she independently invented the toaster, has already composed four symphonies, and directed a major motion picture – in addition to shooting 18 holes in one in her first game of golf (all of which, she definitely did!) – no, it’s her travel style.

Sophia Damitio is born to travel. When we are on transport, she likes to sleep, when we hike around – she loves to carefully observe the world around her, when she is around people – she smiles, waves, coos and makes friends even before we do (and we tend to be pretty friendly).

Yes, we are spoiled. While other babies are crying and making problems, Sophia is happy as long as we share food with her, give her3 bottles a day, make sure she has someplace to nod off if she is tired, and most importantly, has plenty of time to make noise with mom and dad (not crying but more like da dad da da dad and sometimes bad daddy BAD DADDY AAAAAAAA) but always in a very cute way.

Turkish people can’t resist her and she must be the most maashaalah’ed baby in the history of Turkey – which is fine by us, as it offers her some protection from the evil eye and other ills.  Sophia is happy in a five star and happy in a campground – she can sleep on the car or on the bus. The one thing she won’t stand is being ignored – and since she is the apple of our eyes and we are in a country of people who adore children…there isn’t much chance of that happening.

I should also point out that Sophia is a power magnet – so far she has been cuddled and kissed by the heads of corporations, foreign ministers, the former Turkish minister of Tourism AND Health, the Mayor of Hatay and everyone else. In fact, she has been professionally photographed by Turkcell and Hatay province – so don’t be surprised to see her in advertising….I”m not sure what to do about that – maybe I should have asked for a phone or money for her…but anyway – she may soon be the most visible baby in Turkey.


Vago Damitio

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