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Probably as a result of my aforementioned dislike of Redding, I have never bothered to give Sacramento a chance. I always assumed it was just a bigger, shittier version of Redding. I was wrong. This is a fantastic place. I’m sure a part of it is the way my visit here started. MJ, a friend through not only agreed to let me crash on her couch, but picked me up and had coffee waiting. I would call that the aloha spirit. So my introduction to this place I’ve only breezed through in the past was pretty good. We grabbed a bite of breakfast and then she set me up with a bike and keys and she went to work.

My first stop was The California Railroad Museum. I figured since I am riding trains all over the USA, I should probably visit this stop. The bike ride through downtown Sacramento showed me great looking restaurants, lots of incredible architecture, plenty of interesting sites, and people that smiled as I passed by. I saw plenty of people that looked like they might be homeless, but couldn’t tell for sure. The sky is blue and the weather is sunny.

At the museum, I was waiting in line when the woman in front of me said “We have an extra ticket, do you want it?” Seriously. I accepted.

Inside, I found this fella that told me about how folks used to travel. ‘Course, it’s how I travel these days too…mostly.


After that I went looking for a restaurant that MJ had recommended for lunch Le Bon Cafe, but instead I accidentally ended up at Cafe Le Bou, which was pretty good, but probably nowhere as good as Le Bon.

Riding a bicycle around Sacramento feels incredibly safe and relaxed after having ridden one on Oahu.


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