To See The Ocean Just One Time – Do Something Wonderful

A friend of mine from high school sent me this today. It touches my heart and I think it’s an awesome way to really do something GOOD. I vouch for this and I hope that if you or anyone you know can help make this trip AWESOME that you won’t hesitate to contact Janine. Please take a few minutes to pass this on, help out, make suggestions to Janine. This is a chance to do something truly WONDERFUL and chances like this don’t come every day. ~Vago

Hi Vago,

I’ve lived in Paris KY for three years, and there are some elderly ladies that live across the street. They are dear friends, Anne whom has stomach cancer, has just found out that it has returned again and they cannot operate, and she doesn’t think she’ll live past Christmas, She is 70 and has never stepped foot on a beach…… Brenda is Anne’s bestfriend, and she lives across the street next door to Anne, Brenda is in remission from breast cancer, she has lost her mother and her husband in the last three months.

I want to take them to the beach for a few days, Sophia my 3 year old, has gathered up her toys and clothes and we are going to have a garage sale, and a bake sale to get some funds……….Virginia Beach is the closest one….. if you know of anyone that might like to donate, be it money, coupons, gift cards, or reward points…………we would be so grateful…… also, we are going to post pics of the trip on my Facebook account…. [email protected] is my paypal ID and my Facebook page. If anyone that donates would like to see what their help has done, ask them to request me and put Anne and Brenda in the subject line…… I’m attaching a pic of Brenda Anne, Sophia and myself… xoxoxo

Lots of Love,


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