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The Very Best of Red Sea Diving

The Very Best of Red Sea Diving

From famous biblical accounts to early trade routes and today’s thriving tourism industry, there’s no doubt that the Red Sea plays a deeply important role in Egypt’s past, present and future. For visitors to this ancient part of the world, the glistening body of water is truly a sight to behold. Better yet, viewing the Red Sea from below the surface is perhaps the best way to experience its natural magic.

red sea divingAs one of the world’s most revered scuba diving destinations, the Red Sea is lined with cities and villages that offer a variety of diving experiences. Choosing where to go can be tougher than squeezing on a damp wetsuit. To make your decision easier, check out this list of the best Red Sea diving spots:

The Sinai Peninsula

Sharm El Sheikh

One of Egypt’s trendiest Red Sea holiday spots, Sharm El Sheikh is renowned across the globe for its posh resorts, thriving nightlife and, of course, brilliant scuba diving.

While the city has plenty of diving spots, one of the best is just over 30km south, in the Ras Mohammed National Park. For advanced divers who are comfortable navigating slightly stronger currents, the Yolanda Wreck site is truly a must-see.

Other top dive spots along the Egyptian side of the Sinai include: the Blue Hole in Dahab and just off the shores of Nuweiba.

West Red Sea Coast


As Egypt’s second largest Red Sea city and an established tourist hub, Hurghada serves as a brilliant base camp for travellers wanting to explore the scenic coastline. It is also near the famous St. John’s reef system, a unique collection of colourful reefs.

Habili Ali, an oval reef within the St. John’s system, is considered one of the most spectacular dive sites in the area. In addition to multiple species of exotic fish, it’s not uncommon to spot pods of bottlenose dolphins swimming through its clear blue waters.

In addition to Hurghada, the Brother Islands (off the coast of Al-Qusayr) are also an excellent dive spot along the western Red Sea coast.

Southern Red Sea Coast

Marsa Alam

Traveling further south along the Red Sea coast will bring you to the town of Marsa

Alam, a rising star in the world of scuba diving. The addition of an international airport in 2001 has increasingly made it a top choice destination for Egypt holidays.

Marsa Alam’s most notable diving site is the Elphinstone Reef. Best known as a habitat for several different shark breeds, this dive site may be your best chance to encounter the fascinating animals.While you’re in the area, it’s worth travelling even further south to the ancient town of Berenice, where you’ll find plenty of more secluded dive sites.

A scuba diver’s paradise, there really is nothing like the bright, warm waters of the Red Sea. If you’ve always dreamed of an idyllic Red Sea holiday, why not dive right in?




  1. Totally awesome. Would love to get to that dive spot, asap. Ahhhh….

  2. I haven’t been doing nearly enough diving these past few years Rob. Where do you like to go?

  3. Red Sea diving is amazing, I’m told from a mate living in Saudi that the best Red Sea diving is in Saudi! But it’s amazing that there are a few unknown places in the Red Sea for diving…. Sudan? Eritera? Somalia?? who know’s what the Coral is like there!!!

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