The Kyma Hotel in Chios, Greece

Chios Greece, Hotel KymaI’d wanted to visit Chios for a long time, but not exactly the way that it happened.  Ever since I”d lived in Manisa and Izmir, I had been hearing about the charming villages and scenic Mediterranean island beauty of Chios and so, when I booked the ferry from Thessaloniki to Chios Town, I thought I was in for a treat.

It turns out that I was, just not exactly like I’d thought. You see, fires had been raging across Chios and many of the unique villages and seaside towns were evacuated and shut down – I didn’t know that until about five hours before I arrived. It just goes to show, it pays to pay attention to the news before and during your travels. I’d come with the idea of writing a holiday piece about a largely untraveled Greek island – instead, I found that the hotel I’d booked had been evacuated and closed and I had nowhere to stay.
Kyma Hotel, ChiosI was fortunate, in more ways than one, to find the Kyma Hotel in Chios Town. First of all, every other hotel on Chios was booked solid with overflow from the fires. The price was also very reasonable – especially in light of the circumstances. The owner, Theodore Spordilis was more than helpful and his family made my stay there very pleasant. The rooms  were clean but on the small side with bathrooms that barely had enough room to shower (the sink was in the shower!) but the seaside view, the large patio deck, and the great breakfast more than made up for a cramped shower in a classic Italian mansion that has served as a standby hotel in Chios Town for more than four decades.

Theodore helped me to rent a motorbike, arrange my ferry ticket to Cesme, Turkey and of course, Hotel Kyma in Greecewas a life saver by having a room available at the last minute for an unannounced guest.  His staff made fantastic recommendations as to where I should eat and overall,  I can’t imagine going back to Chios and not staying at Kyma Hotel.

You won’t find them on any of the big booking sites and if you want to make a reservation you will have to contact them directly. I recommend you do so.

Email: [email protected]

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