The French Countryside – No Touristic Whores Allowed

I’m proud of catching the Madonna in these pictures, can you find her?

I left Bordeaux to head to my friend Izzy’s in the small city of Thouars but the only way to get there was to have a five hour wait in Bordeaux or to wait for five hours somewhere else along the way. I opted to wait somewhere else. I was staying with friends, but there is more than one great hotel in France so you should be able to find something suitable.

The somewhere else I picked was an incredibly beautiful little city with wonderful architecture, a well run tourist center that watched my bags for hours and provided me with walking tours and entertainment, and all of it cost me just asking.

Tourism has been creating a sense of nausea in me of late, the capitalism and prostitution of the past is beyond disgusting to me.

This town showed me something different.

No duck tours, no aggressive touts, no bullshit tour companies, just a town saying “Hey, we have a lot to offer, come have a look.” Really refreshing.

By the way, thus far, all the French people I have met with the exception of the would be robber, have been tremendously cool. Even in Paris, not just cool, but nice.

I sure run into Jesus a lot in Europe, I think he is as surprised as I am about it.

(Originally posted 16APR2009)


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  • January 3, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    There are so many little places in France which have escaped mass tourism but still have so much to offer.

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