Tell Your Tale – Who are you? Where have you been? Why did you go?

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I am very curious about you. Thousands of visitors come to Vagobond each day and the truth is, I’ve been wondering about you for a while.

Who are you? Where have you been? Why did you go? Why do you travel?

I really want to know. The readers who I’ve met personally or had contact with via the internet are invariably an interesting bunch of travelers. There was the Australian woman I met in Istanbul who was telling me about how excited she was to be going to Bulgaria. I mentioned that I had been there and it turned out she already knew (but she didn’t know it was me!) She and her sister were traveling through the Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East to celebrate her 60th birthday and they were doing an amazing amount of trekking, cultural exchange, and even some couch surfing. I hope when I’m 60 I have that much vim and vigor.

I met my friend Mike through Vagobond and we discovered that we actually had couch surfed with some of the same people in the United States and Canada. The world really is small. Rob and Vicky retired from South Africa and bought a sailboat which they have now lived on for nearly six years while sailing all over the world. Melissa Ruttanai contacted me through the site and has since become a great friend and a regular contributer as she and her husband Neil travel all over the world. And the stories go on and on….now, I want to know about you. What’s your story?

As I mentioned last Friday, my focus is shifting from travel to family for a while and while I’ll still be writing, editing, and contributing to Vagobond, the focus of this site is changing. I would really like it to focus on you, your travels, your favorite places, and your tales. If you’d like to contribute a guest post, contact me to get our writer guidelines.

If writing a feature seems too much, just take a second to comment below and introduce yourself. I really do want to know you….

Who are you?
What do you know?
What do you want to know?
What do you want to see?
What are some features you would like to see?
Where are some places you’d like to see stories about?

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5 thoughts on “Tell Your Tale – Who are you? Where have you been? Why did you go?

  1. Ok – I’ll go first…

    I’m a twenty-something freelancer who’s spending this summer (between contracts) to travel and write. I know a little about a lot of places (Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Hong Kong, Hawaii, San Fran, Singapore, Europe in general…) and a lot about a few (i’m a resident of the UK and lived in New Zealand for six months). When I travel I’m obsessed with visiting temples and eating at least one meal of local food per day.

    I like articles about authentic and independent travel experiences (not hopping on a bus with a load of other backpackers) and quirky places – articles with humour and personality rather than self-importance and sentimentality.

    Articles I’d like to see? Something about stuff to do in New York aside from the usual tourist attractions – hidden bars and remote places. Purely for selfish reasons – I’m going there later in the year! Info on cheap European destinations would also be good considering how crap the Pound/Euro exchange is at the moment. And my all time favourite – exotic lnog haul – tropical islands and, yes, more temples!

    Thanks for asking!

  2. Hey Vago,

    Been reading your blog most of the night, would be excited to write an article for this site.

    So briefly before i go, i’m Dirty Roger, i’m 30 and have just quit my job to move to Thailand in August this year. What I do know at the moment is how to quit a job and how to prepare to go on a new advernture! I’ll email you about a guest post as soon as i get home!


  3. Dirty Roger…love it. Quitting is for winners, I say. Especially when it’s some soul sucking job that eats your time and joy. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures.

  4. Poppy, that’s a great idea. I’ll start putting something together. I love New York and it’s an awesome place to get out of sight and dive into the real. I’d love to hear about some of your favorite temples and meals…I’ll also get more posts out sharing about the one’s I’ve visited. Lol….I’ll try to stay away from the sentimentality, but I might have a hard time with avoiding the self importance…it will be good for me to try though.

  5. Hi Everyone! Hi Vago!
    I love this post/thread! I just got back from an agroturismo in Italy. Neil and I were in DEEEP Italian country, wedged between the Appenines and the Adriatic. Vago, I’ve got some great pix coming your way!

    @Colin: I agree with Vago: Quitting is for winners. I quit my cush, tenured teaching job at a “blue ribbon” school in NY. Bah! And now my hubby and I are going to vagabond and write. I’m jealous you’re going to Thailand. I haven’t been to my homeland in 2 years. Have fun!

    @Poppy: I’m from NY and have a few pubs, restaurants in mind for you. LES (lower east side) and Queens are my fav! I’ve some posts on my blog: (shameless plug).

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