Ganya Grasslands

5 Offbeat Things to Bucket List for ChinaRead More →

travels of Marco Polo

Going around the world hasn’t always been as easy as it is today. In fact, the great explorers of the past often suffered great hardships to see distant lands. One such extraordinary vagabond was Marco Polo.Read More →

ibn battuta

The greatest adventurer of all time for me is the Moroccan vagabond, Ibn Battuta. He not only traveled everywhere in his known world, but he wrote about it in ways that no one before him had. Ibn Battuta’s journey lasted 29 years, so by Moroccan standards, my wife should be understanding of this current journey I’m on.Read More →

Asian Waterfalls

Who says freelancing isn’t for you? I think the first thing you should do is take the time to read my latest e-book All there Is To It, Is To Do It – Finding Your Passion Income . If you want to start looking for another way to travel andRead More →

The World Through a Photographer’s Lens: Yunnan China rFom high mountains to traditional cultures, Yunnan Province is probably SE Asia’s best kept secret 1) The peaks of Kawa Karpo are worshiped by the Tibetans and considered to be the second most holy mountain pilgrimage spot in the Tibetan world to MountRead More →