Summary of a Japan Backpacking Trip

Japan is an amazing country with a strong and unique culture. I recently spent 16 days backpacking in the land of the rising sun (as Japan is often referred to) and I would like to share with you a summary of my trip as well as some Japan travel tips that I learnt on my journey.

japan tokyoWhere I went:

  • Tokyo (6 days)
  • Kamakura (day-trip from Tokyo by train – 1,780 Yen)
  • Kyoto (6 days)
  • Nara (day-trip from Kyoto by train – approx. 1,100 Yen return)
  • Kobe (day-trip from Kyoto by train – approx 1,800 Yen return)
  • Osaka (day-trip from Kyoto by train – 1,080 Yen return)
  • Hiroshima (2 days)
  • Miyajima (day-trip from Hiroshima by ferry – 340 Yen return)

What I learnt from my trip to Japan:

  • Japan has many stunning temples and buildings that survived WW2 unscathed
  • Food and drinks in Japan are very cheap and healthy, if you are happy buy food from 7-Eleven, SunKus, Heart-In etc.
  • Transport is very expensive. A JRail Pass would have been a smarter choice than the Willer Express Bus Pass that I ended up choosing. Plan your route well in advance of arriving in Japan so that you minimise the amount of transport that you need to use.

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