Submitting yourself to the will of God

(This is an older post that I am moving from one of my old blogs to this one)

It’s been a funny couple of days. I have to admit that I was surprised with the suddenness of my situation change, but I’ve learned it’s best not to take things personal even if they seem as if they really are. So when this situation came upon me, I swallowed my anger and ire, swallowed my sense of being confronted with one a situation of intense disrespect and I tried to leave on the best terms possible.

There really isn’t a better alternative than that. So I packed up what I could, threw out the rest, said ‘Thanks for the work Dad’, and when they offered to let me stay, I listened to that little voice inside me that said ‘this wouldn’t be happening if you weren’t supposed to be leaving’ and so I left anyway with my pride and my sense of self worth completely intact.

I had made some loose plans to hang out with my oldest friend on the planet, Kris Rafferty, who was my first best friend when I was 3 or 4 until I was 7 or 8 years old, so I gave her a call when I reached the bottom of the mountain. It was already about 105 degrees and she said ‘Are you insane? You’ll fry in the desert and it’s an hour drive to the next little town from there. Why don’t you hang out and since I am already on my way up to Big Bear, I will pick you up and you can stay with my folks and me and hang out with my friends on the 4th of July.”

Again, the little voice said inside me “This is what you should do.” So I gave up my plan of biking across the desert and met up with her a few hours later at the library in Lucerne. I opted to leave my $13 ten speed there at the library, unlocked for some would be bike thief to steal away and then we went back up the hill to her folks house.

It was great to get the chance to hang out with her parents, Mike and Yvonne, who were sort of like my second family when I was just a little guy, to get to know her two fantastic daughters, and to get to spend time with another family that we Damitio kids had a strong connection with, the Iuppenlatz. Kort, their youngest son was a good friend of my brother’s in high school and he and I found a strong connection in literature and science fiction geekdom. Then there were Kerry and her kids, their parents, siblings, and all the other kids running around. It was really nice, this chance to hang out with good people and enjoy hamburgers, cupcakes, and 4th of July fireworks together.

And now today, Kris gave me a ride down to Palm Springs where I have the chance to visit with my Uncle Murray and his friend Leigh Anne for a couple of days and then I move on to whatever that little voice tells me is where I am supposed to be next.

Life is good. It’s beautiful. It’s full of joy and wonder. And as a further odd occurrence, my buddy who initially offered me the job in Alaska that fell through ended up getting canned and evicted from the kayaking job on the same day that my situation came to an abrupt end…and all I can think is…man, that’s strange and it seems that perhaps no matter what happened, it was going to happen, so once again, I admit that things are actually beyond my control and I allow myself to joyously go to where ever it is the will of God will send me.


Vago Damitio

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