Still flowing…

As always, there is a lot going on. I’m amazed at how quickly my life here is coming together. Really, it’s a little bit like a miracle.

I was reading an ebook on Quantum Buddhism the other day. Really pretty excellent in that it equated any sort of trinity (father, son, holy ghost- Vishnu, Rama, Shiva – Abrahmam, Mohammad, Allah- etc) with Energy= Mass times the Speed of Light Squared or E=MC2. I love it.

Especially considering that my own revelation about the nature of the creator was along similar lines. The quantum, or energy, that permeates everything in the Universe IS the creator. The force which holds atoms together, causes electrons to spin around nuclei and thus make solid matter, and really in a sense create reality. Nobody actually understands the origin of that stuff though we are learning a bit about how it works and thus, like God, it is incomprehensible and permeates everything living or dead, here or there. My own revelation was that this energy holding reality together IS God. And thus God is really all seeing, all knowing, everywhere, and we are all part of God and God is what makes up all of us. The one big question mark that exists is consciousness and perhaps what some call ‘spirit’. To my way of thinking, it is this invisible presence in each of us that ‘drives’ the machines we inhabit, or in other words, our bodies and minds. This might be what is not composed of this quantum, this energy, this God and thus, we exist. Of God but independent of God as well.

And this whole diversion comes from the fact that I am here and my life seems to be shaping up exactly as I imagine it but of course not too much exactly like because there are plenty of variables that are outside of me and so manifestation stays an inexact science but the more that I manifest, the more I seem to be able to manifest.

It reminds me of John Jacob Astor who once said that making his first $1000 was the most difficult experience of his life but after that making $10,000, $100,000, or $millions was a piece of cake. It’s a little like that right now and I feel like it will continue to be so….


Vago Damitio

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