Staying Safe While Traveling Overseas

Staying safe while traveling overseas is a huge issue. I’ve been through nearly fifty countries, stayed in countless strangers homes, eaten tons of odd foods that my friends at home wouldn’t touch, and had a great time doing it.
cairo (13)

Cairo is known as a city where you can get in trouble – me? No problem.

The reason for that might be that I’ve managed to stay safe during my travels. And … the reason for that is I almost never go into a situation that could lead to problems and- and this is a big one – I’ve been lucky. My friend Oprah Winfrey likes to say that “Luck is where preparedness meets opportunity” and I agree with her – my goal in travel has been to be prepared for great opportunities and to give as few opportunities to predators as possible. That is why I’ve been so lucky – the other factor is that I’ve been really lucky.

Here are a few tips for you to stay safe while travelling overseas. First of all, know this, if you put yourself in a den of thieves – you are probably going to get robbed, if you eat in the filthy restaurant where no locals are eating, you are probably going to get sick, and if you drink where the Barney bad-bum locals are hanging out – count on getting in trouble, or worse – so the first rule is to use a little bit of common sense. Don’t put yourself in danger. If it feels sketchy – just get out. I admit it – I’ve probably missed out on a fair number of great adventures by cutting out of situations where my spidey sense was tickled – but that’s why I’ve never been robbed and I’m here to tell you this stuff. Trust your gut.

Here’s something else you may not have considered – lawyers.  A lawyer can help you if you get in trouble overseas, if you are doing business overseas, and even if you are falsely accused of a crime while travelling. I know that sometimes people are more scared of lawyers than of criminals but have no fear, there are even lawyers to protect you against your lawyers – you can file negligence claims against a lawyer who doesn’t do their job.  I love that – thankfully, I tend to stay away from those situations all together. Don’t get wrapped up in legal stuff while abroad – it can be very messy.

pyramids of Egypt

The thing is though – you should count on getting robbed. My friend Francis Tapon, one of the most experienced and savvy travelers I’ve ever met was recently robbed twice in one day! You know what though – he was prepared. He knew what to do – when thugs started rifling through his pocket and took his phone – he let them get away. Why? I mean this guy has walked across America multiple times and hiked all over Eastern Europe – he could have caught them. The reason he didn’t was because his money was stashed elsewhere and he had a contingency plan for if he were robbed – he knew that following them would be a bigger problem. He’s a smart dude. Think ahead.

I’ve written before about money security and rather than rewrite that here – it makes sense to let you see the original posting. Here are some great tips on how to be secure with your money and if you’d like to know more about how to travel the world safely – as well as how to have a great time doing it – I recommend you grab a copy of Smooth Living: Beyond the Life of a Vagabond it contains most of my tips and tricks for world travel as well as some rollicking good tales.

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