Where to Spend your Next Adrenaline Junkie Holiday

Guest Article by Kim Blair

Bungee at Victoria Falls ccImage courtesy of On the Go Tours on FlickrAdrenaline junkies seek extreme holidays. Dedicated thrill seekers will travel the world to find an experience that will push them to their limits. To these chasers of the ultimate rush, going out of their comfort zone and breaking beyond the boundaries of a normal person is something to be pursued. Once the domain of the bungy jumpers, mountain climbers and wild water rafters, adrenaline junkies have managed to seek out even more daring adventures to try. Here are a few adrenaline junkie holiday destinations.


Pushing the boundaries of extreme sport, volcano boarding has become very popular. Similar to sand boarding, participants scale the slopes of the volcano and balance on a board riding down the slopes of the volcano. There are 40 volcanoes in Nicaragua and you can reach speeds of over 40 miles per hour. Head to the town of Leon for expert lessons and to organise the ride of your life.


If you are seeking a challenge, try to conquer one of the world’s highest mountains in the Himalayas. Soaring over 26,000 feet, ten of the world’s highest mountains are located in Nepal. Many people use Kathmandu as a base to commence their Mount Everest trek. The city of Pokhara is the perfect spot for spelunking, mountain bike riding and white water rafting.


Riding a motorbike across the Gobi Desert and following the trail of Genghis Khan will take you riding through forests and over mountains. Most of the trail is ridden over rock or hard packed mud. Where possible, bridges are used to traverse rivers but sometimes this is not possible and river crossings on the motorbike will be necessary. Accommodation is camping in tents in the open.


Head to Voss, near Bergen where a week long extreme sports event is held in June. Norway’s fjords have become a haven for adrenaline junkies who want to try base jumping, canyoning, ice diving and climbing. This is an ideal location for all outdoor activities.

New Zealand

A country of enormous natural beauty, this is the place for all types of extreme sports. Here you can kayak through small caves, skydive, raft through extreme rapids and try spelunking. You can hike up a Franz Josef Glacier or take an extreme jet boat ride on the South Island. In Queenstown you can bungy jump from the Kawarau Bridge and be scared on the Shotover Canyon Swing.

Our planet is a big place with many new areas waiting to be conquered by thrill seekers. So if you want to take a leap so extreme that you feel your heart will pound right of your chest and you feel sick with the anticipation and excitement of what you are about to do, go for it! If your adrenaline quest has become an addiction, and you constantly seek that adrenaline rush, there are plenty of extreme thrills to satiate even the most hardened adrenaline junkie.

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