Dreadful Spanish Customs – Photos of Barcelona

I forgot to write about my dreadful experience with Spanish Customs. It went like this, on the plane I filled out a entry/exit card. I had packed carefully to make sure I wouldn’t have any problems getting through customs. When I arrived, I handed the card to the customs agent and he crumbled it into a ball and threw it in the trashcan. Then he stamped my passport. There was no bag searching, no barrier, and nothing beyond a sign that said something like “If you have things you shouldn’t you can put them here”.

So of course I am kidding about it being terrible. It’s harder to go from Hawaii to the Mainland than it is to enter Spain. One more reason to love this country. Here are a few more. I spent the morning and early afternoon walking in Barcelona and this is just some of what I saw…(there are more pictures but still not all I saw here)

(originally posted 19 January 2009)


Vago Damitio

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