How To Travel Alone for Women and Girls

Editor’s Note: I’ve traveled all over the world, I’ve met plenty of female travelers. While I’m generally looking for cheap flights, cheap hostels, and cheap food, solo female travelers are doing something else. This week, guest blogger Marsha Jones takes a stab at telling women and girls how they can safely travel alone.

By Marsha Jones

For a female to travel solo can be an exceedingly enthralling experience. It can really be a time to recoup your energy by getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Embarking on a journey on one’s own will increase the confidence and overall, the self esteem of the traveler.
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However, from the midst of the merits emerge some challenges. A very important issue that surfaces in traveling circles is that of people embarking on journeys without company. To be candid, for a woman to travel alone, even generates more concern because of safety issues and the dangers that rise up in one’s path. The challenges are more pronounced in some parts of the world where it is unfamiliar to see females travel alone.

It can be frightening for a woman to venture into the core of the third world or into Muslim dominated regions. This may be because of the culture of dressing that is found in these places which can be very different from the way of dressing that the traveler is acquainted with. For example in some parts of the world, a female that puts on trousers is seen as morally corrupt. In others, women should not expose their shoulders. Women should always know the customs in the areas they are travelling to – especially women travelling alone.

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However, these challenges cannot erase the fact that the female solo traveler is bound to be immersed in breath taking experiences as she goes to these destinations. It is not strange to see women traveling solo to unique places in the world like Israel, some nations of Africa and the Caribbean.
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Some ideas that will encourage you if you want to travel alone are listed below.

Values embedded in traveling solo as a woman

Some of the benefits that come to a lone woman traveler may not be available to men. Women naturally attract more locals, and they get free invitations to for lunch or dinner. Most of the time too, they can end up seeing the parks or attractions free of charge but women should always be careful of a price that the friendly local man might have in mind. There are a lot of unique opportunities that attend this mode of traveling and a lot of dangers too. The fact that the traveler has the whole of time to herself and is free to explore as much as she wants is the peak of the experience.

The miss-outs for a lady solo traveler

As much as there are benefits that a lone woman traveler will enjoy on her trip, she should also be prepared to miss the aura that envelopes a visit to beautiful sites with loved ones. It is splendid when two or three persons share those indelible experiences. woman traveling aloneMuch more, there cannot be opportunities to taste a variety of cuisine in restaurants as you would have if you have people you are familiar with around. Obviously, women  feel safer when in a company too and can be more free to let their guard down.

Overall, the lone female traveler is bound to have very remarkable moments but should always take necessary precautions as they explore  charming tourist sites around the world.

Marsha Jones is a dental hygienist in Jonesboro, Arkansas. She loves dogs, travel, and Dan Brown’s books.  You can find her on Google+ and Youtube.

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