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The nightlife in Sofia is incredible. There are no shortage of bars, pubs, great restaurants, clubs, shows, and interesting people watching abounds on just about every corner. This is the capital of Bulgaria and in a word, Sofia rocks!

Sofia is filled with all kinds of trendy cafes, pubs, and bars which boast outdoor seating in the summer and warm interiors in the winter.

Whether you choose to partake in the offerings of the National Opera and Ballet or to go and check out the biggest Bulgarian cinema multiplex, the bonus, if you are an English speaker is that most of the films are in English with Bulgarian subtitles, no dubbing, thank god.
Bulgarian wine tasting
The prices for everything in Bulgaria are beyond reasonable. The currency in Bulgaria is the Lev which is about 2:1 for euros. A beer usually costs about a lev, plural Leva. Bonus is that credit cards are widely accepted so you don’t have to carry a big wad of leva with you when you go out.

One good place to find nightlife is Vitosha Boulevard in the heart of the city, if you want to go here, you should bring plenty of cash or plastic with you since it’s the most expensive street in the city (and that means in the country too!)

Street food like pizza or borek is usually 1-2 leva, so when you leave the bars you can find a decent snack on whatever is left in your pocket.

As to the places to drink? Tim took me to a great wine tasting in a fancy liquor store where two Bulgarian chefs were demonstrating how to cook with aphrodisiacs…the upside…free food and drinks…the downside, my wife wasn’t with me and if she had been she would have disapproved of hanging out in a liquor store drinking wine….lol.

bulgarian wineSome of the favorite drinking holes in Sofia are Happy’s Bar and Grill which is near Sveta Nedelya church. This is a nationwide chain with English-language menus and hot young waitresses that all know at least how to say, “What would you like to drink?” It’s enough English, right?

Bulgaria PubIf you want to meet all the expats, go to JJ Murphys Irish pub, you’ll find embassy staff, Hash House Harriers, and more than one drunk Irishman (tell Charlie I said hi but I doubt he remembers me…)

One of the cool and happening places in Sofia is The Apartment, this is a sort of collective art/bar/cinema/ and scene. I didn’t go but my friend Katya recommended it and the website looks very cool

Popular among locals as well as foreigners is the “apartamenta”, some sort of private club in the second floor of a turn of the 19th century mansion: There you find a series of rooms, all in different styles and wall-drawings, colourful tapestries, etc. Go to the right, get a drink in the kitchen (everything non-alcoholic is 4 lv), and just pick and choose a room which looks cozy enough (shouldn’t be too hard to find one with all the couches lying around). If you love the music, there are Mac computers in most of the rooms where you can pick something else out of the playlist. Have a game of chess. There is also a Cinema room, if there is nothing running just go in, pick a movie out of the list and start the projection. There is also home- made chocolate and cream and all different kind of organic drinks like Himalayan tea, Kiwi nectar and much more…

Another popular side is Lodkite which is located in Borisova Gradina Park I’ve heard that on warm summer nights, this place is a must-be.

Most of the discos in Sofia are Studentski grad lin the south of the city and cost between 1 and 5 leva. My friends said that the best discos are Avenue, Tantra, Orient 33, Jeam Beam, Maskata, Stroezha – but to tell the truth, I hate fucking discos. I’m a jazz bar guy.

Near the World Trade Center and Russian Embassy was a great coffee shop Jazz bar called One Coffee. I loved it. Laid back, chill, great music, great gin and tonics. Other jazz bars in Sofia I look forward to trying out are:

Franky’s Jazz Club 15 Karnigradska St.

Satchmo Jazz Club. 34 Stamboliiski Blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria Cell (reservations): +359 88 827 74 09 -Located in the center of Sofia where you can enjoy jazz music with your friends while having a bottle of good old Bulgarian red wine. The service is on a good level. Usually there are different bands playing at weekends until 1AM.

La Strada Jazz Club. 6 Septemvri St.

Social Jazz Club. Slaveikov Square 4. Tel: (088) 462 22 20

So, if you head to Bulgaria and want to find a great and vibrant night life, head to Sofia. Now, what were the great spots I missed?


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