Smooth Living Rule #5

Smooth Living Rule #5
There may be more in those brownies that just showed up on the kitchen table than anyone is saying.Be prepared for brownie madness!

In any event, it was time to move on yesterday so I moved on to my friends Yadira, Shanna, and Stacey’s couch. Interesting transition from a house full of guys to a house full of girls. Nice transition.
The sound of spanglish and the mellowness of conversation is a nice change-up from the sometimes maniacal rantings and excitement of Mark and Mike’s.

Okay…first let me say this. I am homeless by choice and as such I recognize that I am in a very different situation than those who are homeless through circumstances beyond their control. Also, I am fortunate to have good friends and the ability to make good friends and I’m not disabled, crazy, stinky, or dangerous.
All that being said, the point of me writing this is to show that you don’t have to have a house and a lot of possessions in order to enjoy life.
Smooth Living Rule #1. Limit your stay to 3 days or less unless you are contributing significantly. Even then, more than a week is crass without paying.
Since I vacated my house a few days ago I and my very limited possessions have migrated to my friend’s Mike and Mark’s house. They kindly agreed to let me surf their various couches until I leave but I am going to keep it to a week or so and then move on to other couches at other friends. One thing about crashing at other people’s places is that you don’t want to be a nuisance. Longer than a week is a serious lapse in taste and judgment. In fact, I like to go by Ben Franklin’s adage that more than three days makes both guests and fish start to smell.
In this case, they have a big house, I donated the futon, blanket, pillow, food, chair and dishes I am using while I am there to their casa, and I am gone most of the time anyway…so I think it should be alright to stretch it to a week.
The first couple of nights were a little rough. I am not the only person they are hosting, you see. They are hosting a number of people from hitchhiking monks who live under the porch to code writing prophets of the bad apple, to well…that brings it to me. In addition, they are making several films there, they are making a game to save the world, and there are various companies that are in and out at various times. So the reason it was a little rough is that I didn’t sleep much because of all the exciting conversations and interaction.
Finally, yesterday, I got smart and put in some earplugs and crawled in the large living room closet for about 12 hours of solid good sleep.
Smooth Living Rule #2: Earplugs are essential when couchsurfing.
I woke up feeling great this morning and since I didn’t have class or work, I decided to go to the beach. The beach seemed like it might be crowded so I went to Hilton Hawaiian Village. Since I had dressed a little like a tourist and I am clean, I entered one of the towers, went to the third floor pool, asked for a towel, and took a nice swim. Then I sat in the hot tub for about half an hour. Then I dried off in the sun in a comfortable lounge chair.
Smooth Living Rule #3. If you are clean and look the part, there is no reason you can’t have access to resort amenities, continental breakfasts, or other perks of wherever you are.
I was pleasant and friendly to the staff and other guests and then I took the towel and went to the beach. At the beach I smoked cigarettes with some Chinese guests. We talked about China, the U.S. and Hawaii. It was their first time to America and they said they are going to tell all their friends in China that Hawaii is the most incredible paradise on earth. Note to self: Learn Chinese and create tourist infrastructure specifically for Chinese tourists.
Saying goodbye to my new Chinese friends I came back to the University where there was a pizza party being put on by the Anthropology department. Great conversation, good food, and free lunch.
Smooth Living Rule #4. Universities have a lot of parties and it’s rare for anyone to know everyone in a department.
That’s about it for the moment. There will be more in the future.


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