Slackville Road : Road Novel Meets Armored Car Robbery

To be on the road means to be on a journey and Slackville Road has been described as a modern day Odyssey.

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Does it ever seem like more money is the answer to all your problems? Jack Novak and his best friend Ricky have decided that more money is the answer to dead end jobs, dead end relationships, and dead end lives. In Slackville Road, Jack reveals the answers, but nothing is really quite what it seems.

Truth is stranger than fiction, but in this book there is enough truth to make an appetizing fiction if your tastes traffic in a world where when the going gets weird the weird turn pro. Here turning pro means first finding that most barriers are imaginary , and then embarking on a journey of transcendence past the grubby hands on the levers of power that when manipulated might shorten or extend the karmic cycle.

Jack Novak finds himself in a Job like tailspin of Biblical proportions as he changes and sees those around him changing in surprising ways. As he steps through what appear to be hopeless obstacles and tests whether the relationship between risk and reward is as fixed as “they” say.

A novel of robbery and being broke

Reader reviews:

Out of the soggy substrate of the rainsoaked northwest, the genius loci found itself a dark-throated voice upon possessing Vago Damitio to bring us Slackville Road.

If you have ever meditated upon redemption while surrounded by a subsiding sea of characters who move through time and space fueled by an amorphous inertial fog, and if you found yourself curiously surprised when things turned out to be both better and worse than you thought, then this book is worth your time.

Dysfunctional magic!

Although not far from the legacy of the beat poets, its rhythm and cadence is more realistic than revolutionary. And although it is tempted at times to tread in the steps of William Burroughs, it does not succumb. It is more in the tradition of Henry Miller, sans the hyperbolic hyperventilative 64th notes. Damitio is doing what he must, and willing to pay the price of taking the risk to do it.

We are on the cusp of experiencing a world Vago Damitio’s vision has already taken him to, and from which Slackville Road is but an early account of what conditions will soon be like for more of us. Slackville Road, in conjuction with his other book Rough Living, form a binary vortex of how we might thrive through increasingly apocalyptic contretemps.

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