Seven Gifts for Your Intrepid Friend (or for me, if you like!)

Christmas shopping for a vagabond can be a nightmare. After all, this is a person who probably is in the process of getting rid of everything they own, trying to lighten their load, looking for multi-functionality, and not really interested in the usual things you might buy for friends or family. Never fear. I’ve scoured the internet for seven things that any nomad or traveler will certainly love. In fact, these just might work with anyone that has a spark of adventure in them.

Kindle Fire1)My new favorite thing ever. The kindle really is the readers best friend. Lighter than the thinnest paperback, a battery that lasts at least a month, wifi access to the world’s biggest bookstore, magazines, newspapers and at least a million free ebooks and enough memory to hold 1400 books. Plus, it comes in four varieties – the basic Kindle with five way controller ($69), the Kindle Paperwhite ($119), or the  awesome Kindle Fire HD ($499) with color, HD video, and more. These are the coolest things I can think of for a traveler.

gift cards from Amazon2) While we’re at it, if they already have a Kindle or even if they just love to read good old fashioned books – a gift card from Amazon is a great gift. $50 or $25 gift cards give the gift of reading.

solar charger for travel3) Solar powered chargers. What bedouin doesn’t want to be able to charge their phone, laptop, Kindle or iPod with the light of day?

power adaptor international4) Of course, when on the road, it might be raining, so why not give your adventurer a universal power adaptor? There’s nothing worse than being in an airport and realizing that you can’t plug in and your battery is going.

language courses5) Of course anyone will love it if you book a Flight to Hawaii for them, but my recommendation is to give that to yourself. For the traveler, why not give them the gift of language. Courses such as Spanish, German, or Arabic are affordable and will be appreciated for a lifetime.

ugg slippers6)Uggs Shoes – Probably the most comfortable boots to travel in on the market today. Here’s the thing, most travelers I know skimp on boots or slippers so they can spend more on seeing the places they visit, but if you are wearing Uggs, your time will always be more comfortable and better spent.

travel maps7) Maps! Globes! Charts! What traveler doesn’t love looking at maps? Hanging wall maps, spinning the globe and seeing where to go next, putting thumb tacks in the places they’ve been. Don’t underestimate the power of maps to excite and inspire.

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