Sefrou Idol

Today was a different kind of day. My habibi loves to sing and she found out that there was a competition in Sefrou today which I’ve been calling in my head ‘Sefrou Idol’, for obvious reasons. Hopefully you will forgive my crappy photography as you may remember that I broke the LCD on my camera and so now I can’t use any of the features such as zoom, focus, or flash since it was all displayed on the LCD. It’s a point, shoot, and hope for the best situation.
Sefrou Idol

The competition was slated to take place in the morning but when we got to the Sefrou Conservatory we found that it had been postponed until 3 pm. So we went and had lunch. Then we came back. We arrived at about 3 pm and found a handful of people but then at around 3:45 they all started to arrive. Moroccan time. Similar to Hawaiian time only with no rhyme or reason to it what so ever.

competition at Sefrou Idol 2010

The first round showed just how hot the talent here in Sefrou is. Singers picked two songs and the judges kept their eyes from rolling or popping out as they listened to the good, the bad, and the ugly. My sweetie wowed them with two difficult Arab tunes…the judges had no words for her except, “We’ll see you in the next round.”

Second round of Sefrou Idol competition

Still we were both nervous and crossing our fingers as they read off the list of those moving on to the next round and then (sigh of relief) they called her name. We figured that we would have to come back but in Moroccan style they decided to give everyone ten minutes to pick a new song and then go on. I suggested that Hanane sing a traditional song since that is where her voice truly shines, but the judges didn’t want something old like that. It’s a shame. Instead, she picked another difficult contemporary Arab tune and kicked it’s ass.

picking songs at Sefrou Idol

At this point the competition was the best of the best. I was feeling incredibly proud that she was singing with these vocalists since she hasn’t practiced and doesn’t have a voice coach or take voice lessons as many of the competitors do. That may have been the deciding factor though, because when they read the next list, we didn’t get to hear her name called.

Final round at Sefrou Idol

Doesn’t matter though. She’s still my Sefrou Idol and I’m happy to know that I’ll get to hear her sing those old traditional songs that I love so much for a long time to come.


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