Sefrou Cherry Festival - Fantasia
After not having the Cherry Festival last year in 2009, the City of Sefrou made up for it by having an incredible Festival in 2010. This year celebrated 90 years since the festival was first started in 1920.
Fantasia Morocco, Sefrou Cherry Festival
The Cherry Festival was not without controversey as the Cherry Queen this year was from Marrakesh and this caused a lot of upset among local trade unions and Sefroui people.
Berber Horsemen
Organizers explained that they want to open up the festival to all of Morocco and by allowing ‘Miss Cherry’ to be from anywhere in Morocco, they were gaining exposure and making the festival more accessible to everyone.
Fantasia, Beber horses, Morocco cavalry
The festival was filled with historical expositions, fantasias (which happened right next door to my in-laws house!), concerts, performances by local tribal musicians, and artisanal exhibits from neighboring villages.
Fantasia Morocco, Sefrou
In short, it was a beautiful festival. The only thing that might have made it better, would have been a visit by the King. Maybe next year.
King of Morocco

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