Sefrou filled with trash

Sefrou Cherry Festival an Environmental Disaster

Sefrou Cherry Festival an Environmental Disaster

I’ve added some more photos and an update at posterous.

The Annual Cherry Festival in Sefrou was fun. It was a few weeks of souks and carnivals, a pageant, and a fantasia but now that it is done…it’s an environmental disaster for the once pretty little town of Sefrou. The vendors and carnival are packed up and there is garbage everywhere.

I mean it. Everywhere. No government clean up appears in sight. Huge piles of plastic, rubbish, human feces, and waste sit everywhere in Sefrou. Today a wind storm blew in from the Sahara and look at this video…those aren’t flocks of birds. That’s trash.

Here is another one:

Finally, at night someone lit some on fire and it quickly spread –

And here are more pictures but I tell you that my pictures cannot describe how destroyed this town is. It looks like a wasteland. Normally Sefrou is a nice little place but right now, it has been destroyed and no one seems to be doing anything about it. I should add that since there is no option for most people than to burn it, this mostly plastic waste is being burnt. The air quality here is suffering as a result and the amount of toxins going into the air are astounding.
Sefrou a wastelandSefrou filled with trash