Secret Treasures in Clearwater, Florida

Freelancing isn’t easy work, but sometimes the rewards are great. This guest post comes from Denise, a freelancer in Clearwater, Florida

I love finding blogs like this one, where someone has actually made the conscious decision to go against the ‘norm’ in life and make a way for themselves, and their family, that is both educational and adventurous at the same time. After all, how can you learn more about the world than by experiencing it first hand?

I’ve always been a corporate geek, right up until the U.S. economy’s latest downturn. Things to do in Clearwater, Florida
Out of work through no fault of my own (other than my hefty salary) and faced with the prospect of finding a job that pays 25% of my last position, I decided this was the perfect time to start my own business. I figured I could make as much starting out on my freelance business as I would driving for an hour each way on snow-covered freeways to get to a job where my boss will be younger than my grown children!

In the past three years, I’ve learned so much about social media, SEO, and internet marketing, and found out that excellent writing skills are in extreme demand globally. I’ve worked for clients right here in my town, and all over the globe. With the ease of communications nowadays, it truly is a small world. I can write an article and snap some photos of any interesting person, place, or thing I come upon- and quickly upload them to share with the world.

Map of Clearwater FloridaThis winter, my husband and I have the luxury of spending an extended period in Florida. He works for a construction company in Northeast Ohio, and many projects are halted when the snow flies. We have always vacationed in Florida, but this year we’ll have time to explore some of the areas in depth and live among the locals.

First stop, we booked one of those \Clearwater holiday packages we’d heard about. The beach is well known as one of the cleanest, white sugar sand beaches in the world, and the Gulf of Mexico waters stay warm through most of the winter–paradise for sun worshippers.

However, there is so much more to do in this area. Here is just a short sampling:

Pinellas Trail: This 48 mile long, twelve foot wide paved trail is perfect for joggers, rollerbladers, and bikers alike. It winds through some densely populated areas but retains a rural feel and offers awesome views from almost any point.

Clearwater Florida, Honeymoon IslandHoneymoon Island and Caladesi Island: Two beautiful state parks, one only available by ferry or private boat, are located off a spur of the trail.

Suncoast Primate Sanctuary: This sanctuary was set up to rescue primates and other animals from deplorable conditions, and is open to the public and manned mostly by volunteers.

Boating: With all of the beautiful water to explore, renting a boat can be an excellent way to spend some time. From sailboats to power boats and pontoon party boats, there is a wide selection in varying price ranges.

Fishing: Rent a boat of your own or take a charter fishing trip for some great deep sea fishing. Or, grab your fishing pole and head to one of the local piers. My son caught a sting ray at Clearwater Pier 60 when he was just six or seven.

clearwater Florida KayakingKayak trails: There are kayak trails that will take you to remote islands, and through tunnels in thick mangroves so that you can see all sorts of wildlife up close.

Tarpon Springs: This small town is a Greek settlement that was long the sponge capital of the world. Today, it boasts lots of structures on the National Register of Historic Places, the largest Greek-American population of any city in the United States, and some of the best Greek restaurants in the western world.

Clearwater Florida TravelSunsets at Pier 60: For years, Clearwater Beach has hosted an outdoor festival daily at sunset. Nature brings the beautiful sun melting into the Gulf of Mexico, and musicians and crafters, mimes and jugglers set up on and around the pier to entertain. The newest addition is Sunset Cinema-a family-friendly outdoor big screen. Bring your beach chairs and blankets to relax on the sand and take in a movie.

Denise Gabbard, a freelance writer and photographer with a passion for travel who is financed mostly by her work for discount vouchers .

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